6 Best Apps to Watch TV Without Internet on Android

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Did you know that some cheap cellphones from China provide offline television features in them. Yes, in other words you can watch local television broadcasts without the need for an internet connection through these cellphones. But ironically, most of today’s smartphones do not provide offline television features like these cheap phones made in China .

To watch local television broadcasts from Android smartphones, there are several applications for watching television online (streaming) . The application, of course, requires an internet connection. So, what if your internet connection is less stable? Not to mention the data quota will run out quickly if you continue to use the online TV application.

Well, from now on Android device users can watch TV anywhere and anytime even though the device is not connected to the internet network. You can download some of the best Android TV applications without internet to enjoy the experience of watching TV offline.

6 Best Android TV Apps Without Internet

1. Air DTV

This app can turn your Android device into a portable television. Air DTV provides local television broadcasts that can be watched without the need for an internet connection. This application also provides several features, such as support for subtitles, HD, and multi-channel audio.

However, make sure your device is using the Android Ice Cream Sandwich v4.0.3 operating system and above to be able to download this application. In addition, you must also connect the Air DTV Mobile TV tuner device to your smartphone or tablet.

The application developed by CHY Studio has been downloaded 500,000 times by Android users. This application that also supports MPEG-2 and MPEG-4/H.264 videos can be downloaded to several Samsung, Asus, HTC, and TrekStor devices.

2. iDTV Mobile TV

If you’re in a place where the internet connection is unstable, but you want to watch TV on your smartphone or tablet, why not use the iDTV Mobile TV app? This app requires a compact iDTV Mobile TV tuner that connects directly to your device and accepts digital TV (DTT).

Just like the previous application, iDTV Mobile TV can only be downloaded via Android Ice Cream Sandwich v4.0.3 and above devices. Not only that, your device must also be supported by a dual core processor or above to be able to enjoy this TV watching application.

Some Samsung devices, such as the Galaxy Note series, can already enjoy this application made by JerryChen. However, several series of Asus, Acer, and HTC devices can also download applications that have been downloaded up to 500,000 times by Android users.

3. DTV Viewer

By not only developing the PadTV application, the developer also made DTV Viewer . This is a digital TV application used with the Geniatech DTV Box. You can watch digital TV channels by connecting the Geniatech DTV Box to one or two of your devices. The way this application works is:

  1. When DTV is running on a GT box, then you can stream channels from this app to two different Android devices. Changing the frequency or TV channel can only be done through the GT box.
  2. When DTV is running on the backend of the GT box, then you can stream channels from this app to two different Android devices. The first device connected directly to the GT box has full control over changing TV frequencies or channels.

This application is indeed a little more complicated when compared to other offline TV watching applications, but it is very interesting because it can be watched on two devices at once. DTV Viewer has been downloaded 100 times by Android users.

4. PadTV HD

In this modern era, are you still watching TV using an application that must be connected to the internet network? Maybe you need to switch to this one application. PadTV HD allows you to watch DVB-T / T2 / ISDB-T / ATSC TV air television broadcasts wherever you are.

This application offers a number of interesting television broadcasts. In addition, you can also record your favorite TV broadcasts via PadTV HD. The application developed by Deng can be downloaded on devices using the Android 4.1 operating system or higher. Devices that wish to download PadTV must use a Dual Core processor of 1 GHz and above.

To play videos in MPEG-4/H.264 format, your device’s processor must be supported by NEON. So, are you ready to join the 100,000 Android users who already have the experience of watching offline tv through PadTV?


Still discussing the offline TV application that was also created by Deng, TDT HD TV has features and conditions similar to PadTV. Overall , the features and system requirements of this application are the same as those of PadTV.

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