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Loranocarter+Oakland is headquartered in Oakland with a satellite office in New York. With major partners like the National Endowment for the Arts and the California Endowment, the studio has assembled a team of young, talented filmmakers and cultural influencers.

The team of Lorancarter, a design-build architectural and planning firm founded in 1990 by Nancy Lorancarter and local architect Jim Oakley, is one of the interdisciplinary design-and-build groups that collaborate there. Dan Pine, the board chair of the Oakland Heritage Alliance, asserted that he thinks Loranocarter +Oakland is the only recognized Design-Build firm on the West Coast. Regarding Loranocarter +Oakland, Pine observed that “there are many people interested in designing, building, managing, and creating.” The community needs a place where there is a creative outlet for individuals to interact, thus there is a convergence here.

The architecture of the Loranocarter+Oakland

The architecture of the Loranocarter+Oakland project is such that the space in between each building is filled with restaurants, stores, and co-working spaces. Between this building and the next there is a four-story retail space that goes up eight floors. In between the two buildings is a restaurant terrace. Each project has its own unique personality and design.

Both projects have been entirely funded through the support of private investors. They are the first privately funded projects built in downtown Reno. In the future, the Loranocarter and Oakland projects will each be owned and operated by the same group of investors.

The Amenities of Loranocarter+Okaland

 There are few lines about the amenities of Lorancarter+Oakland:


  • An intention is to create a perfect balance between residential, retail and educational elements. Loranocarter+Oakland will bring new life to the area while transforming the warehouse into residential units. Future tenants will create vibrant, livable spaces.


  • The neighborhood will be an economic asset to Baltimore.” The wooded area on the northeastern part of the site was previously an open space, and still had a parking lot that it will presumably still use.


  • Residents of the development are slated to be “only a short walk away” from Dickey’s Barbecue, still a Baltimore landmark that holds court a few blocks to the west. The barbecue joint will be on a new section of Loranocarter, near the east end of the project. The project will also include 27,000 square feet of additional retail space, as well as 140 parking spaces.

The location of Loranocarter+Oakland

 Located in Oakland’s well-known Clifton district, Loranocarter+Oakland is a magnificent architectural wonder. Only a small distance separates it from popular locations like Lake Merritt and Jack London Square. Unparalleled panoramic views are provided by the location. It’s a terrific idea to spend an afternoon or evening at Loranocarter+Oakland.

Loranocarter+Oakland is a long, narrow, well-kept apartment building named after the little shrub that blooms at this time of year. In the Bay Area, it provides a unique design and collection of features. While retaining the tradition and beauty of the old Oakland, the architecture emanates the metropolitan vibe of San Francisco.

Core sponsor of the construction of Loranocarter + Oakland

 Western Alliance Bank is a core sponsor of the construction of the Lorancarter + Oakland project. Many employees are also sponsors and donors to the construction of the buildings, and so are our friends at The Nevada Wolf Pack. For this project, “the west” was the centerpiece and was a significant design element. In the future, the Loranocarter + Oakland project will serve as a catalyst to transform downtown. It is a true urban location for our community to enjoy and celebrate Nevada culture.

These new residential projects in downtown Reno will fill an important housing void for young professionals and college graduates looking to live downtown. Their success is a win for developers and investors, but more importantly, it is an opportunity for Reno’s young professionals to enjoy the city.

What’s the best thing about working at Loranocarter + Oakland?

I think it’s the idea of sharing ideas and perspectives and being united by a common goal. It’s the chance to think about what is next for a design culture and design environment. It’s a unique opportunity to introduce people to the creative concepts we are trying to explore and to show people the ideas we are creating. Loranocarter + Oakland means something new for Milan and its part of the identity of the project.

What is the interior design of Loranocarter + Oakland?

We consider it a platform for organizing design events. It’s also a place for design students to make their first steps into the design field by putting their work on display. It is also where you can see emerging talents, like our friend Claude Cecoz, who is developing a lighting collection of award winning projects that he is developing with other designers. It’s a great place to connect with new people from different areas of design and to see the future of new talents. Loranocarter is a modern, residential project in Tampa, Florida and brings the best of art and architecture in the Tampa Bay area. As a unique name, we have created an architectural design which brings together different approaches of modern design in the form of one small building with exceptional clarity and an extraordinary presence in the city.

What is the future of Loranocarter + Oakland?

It’s still a work in progress and we have plans for lots of changes to come. For instance, the next big thing will be to host exhibitions in Loranocarter for two or three weeks. We will also change the exhibition format in the future. We will not only have gallery exhibitions. For instance, for Christmas, we will have a virtual reality exhibition for a month and we will also be doing a pop-up store where we will sell some of our designs. Most of the tools and material that were used for making and displaying the work were provided by some local suppliers. Loranocarter + Oakland’s first exhibition was held on August 10, 2018 and closed on September 5, 2018. The exhibition featured the work of 23 Bay Area designers.

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