Sea Buckthorn For Children & Its Useful Properties

Sea buckthorn is a wonderful herb for children. For children or babies, sea buckthorn oil is ideal. The beneficial properties of sea buckthorn oil help many parents to raise their baby’s health. This royal berry is rich in carotenoids and vitamin A which support the proper growth and development of the baby. The presence of unsaturated fatty acids like Omega 3,6,7,9 helps to maintain cells and reduce the risk of developing several diseases. Vitamin B keeps the baby’s digestion stable and manages the nervous system. The potassium content helps in the formation of bone tissues. Hence, there are many nutrients in the sea buckthorn oil that helps in many ways for the baby’s or children’s health. The use of sea buckthorn capsules or supplements is not recommended for children.

How To Use Sea Buckthorn Oil In Children

The beneficial properties of sea buckthorn oil are used to solve many problems that arise at different stages of the child’s life.

With Cold: Children who are suffering from nasal congestion can use sea buckthorn oil for the cold. Install 1-2 drops in each nostril if your children are older than one year. Remember, dist clean the nasopharynx thoroughly and drop oil. It is ideal to use 3 times a day, not more than this. Being a natural remedy, it is necessary to use more than 10 days for effective results.

For Skin Lesions: Skin lesions like thermal burns, cuts, abrasions, and oil compresses can heal with the sea buckhorn’s healing properties. Just soak a paper towel or cotton in sea buckthorn oil and apply it to the affected areas. Repeat it 7-8 times a day. For serious burns and deep injuries, do not stick to the sea buckthorn oil. Instead, contact the emergency room. 

For Adenoids: The oil lubricates inflamed tonsils to numb and relieves swelling. Hence, it is ideal to use sea buckthorn on the tonsils and adenoids’ inflammation or swelling. Sea buckthorn’s anti-inflammatory properties activate and provide relief in it. You need to repeat the dose 3-4 times a day. It is also recommended by the doctor after tonsil removal as a prophylactic to improve tissue regeneration

For sore throat: A sore throat is common in the winter season, especially in children. You can get relief from your sore throat with the use of sea buckthorn. Mix this natural sea buckthorn in warm drinks with honey. Have it 2-3 times a day for better results.

For Ear Infections: For ear inflammation and infection, drop a few drops of sea buckthorn oil in the ear and put cotton over it so it does not leak. Relief can be expected in the next day or more. It will slowly reduce the pain and completely go away in 5-6 days.

For Immunity: To strengthen the immune system, sea buckthorn is very helpful. After the age of three, parents can add sea buckthorn oil to the children’s diet to maintain the body’s defence system and enhance the immunity to not get sick easily. So, add some drops of sea buckthorn oil to the milk or baby cerelac. Many vitamin supplements are there in the market for children which include sea buckthorn oil. You can carefully read it and give it to your children.

For angina and rhinitis: As said, sea buckthorn oil is ideal for sore throat. It works as an antiseptic and improves angina and rhinitis problems. In addition, it provides relief from the pain and adds lubrication to the throat canal. At the same time, it is suggestion to follow medical care too. Many parents stuck to the folk remedies and self-treatment and allowed the disease to develop into a chronic form.

For constipation: To get rid of constipation, it is perfect to add sea buckthorn oil in its pure form to the children’s diet. It improves bowel movement and relieves constipation. Sea buckthorn oil is also used for enemas in the ratio of 1:5 with water. So, put enemas at night for safety. It is ideal to go for this procedure for up to a year. 

For coughing: During winter, it is common to have coughing in the baby and children. To soften the strong cough and get rid of phlegm, intaking sea buckthorn oil is very helpful. Remember, the dose of sea buckthorn oil depends on the nature of the cough and its strength. Warm water with sea buckthorn oil is the best procedure for coughing.

For allergies: Adding sea buckthorn oil to your bathing water helps to get rid of skin allergies. Its properties help to reduce itching and improve the condition of the skin with allergies. Having sea buckthorn oil also helps to improve skin allergies. In addition, it protects the skin from the pathogen and keeps the virus away from the body. It works on every type of skin allergy and every skin type.

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