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There’s no shortage of options when it comes to video editing apps. Some cater to the most novice users, others go to those who are already more advanced. So I bring you a list of 13 apps for you to try and find out which one will work best when editing a video. Come on:

1 – Inshot

iOS e Android

The most popular and recommended app when it comes to editing videos is at the top position on our list. It works for people with different skill levels in video editing, and is ideal for anyone who does the complete creation process using their mobile phone.

With it, you can resize images, make cuts, transitions, add a soundtrack, among other possibilities.

2 – Capcut

iOS e Android

Free and super complete app to make quick edits on your cell phone. It brings together functions such as trimming, repositioning video excerpts, inserting a track, in addition to the possibility of adding effects, filters and the famous automatic subtitles feature.

At the end of this post. I prepared a step-by-step guide for you to learn how to subtitle your videos in a practical and efficient way.

3 – KineMaster

iOS e Android

The application resembles the interface of conventional video editing programs. It’s simple to use and has several useful functions when it comes to customizing your content.

You can work with chroma key, brightness adjustments, color, soundtrack, among other elements that enrich your videos

4 – VLLO

iOS e Android

Practical application and darling of those who work with Instagram. It offers the features that we are used to finding in most apps. Among them are color correction, transitions, video layers, in addition to being able to save videos without the famous watermark, even in 4K resolution.

5 – Life Lapse

iOS e Android

Have you ever seen that video content that looks like a time lapse? This can be an interesting format to explore and the effect can be created easily with the app.

This video editing app comes with a tutorial that helps you create content with it, achieving better results.

6 – Vivacut

iOS e Android

Video editor with all the features you need. In it you can work with Chroma Key, masks, layered composition, among many other resources.

7 – Quick

iOS e Android

If you have a GoPro and record with it, Quick is the brand’s official app to help you organize your files and process your images. With it, you can transfer files from the camera to your phone, apply filters, adjust speed, sync videos with tracks, among other features.

8 – Film no

iOS e Android

With a simple and intuitive interface, the vertical format makes it easy to adjust your contents. It is therefore a good app to edit videos for Stories.

You have access to exclusive filters, tracks and transitions and can share the final result directly on social media.

In addition, it also has a desktop video editor called InVideo, which allows for more in-depth editing and access to more than 5,000 ready-to-use templates to create videos from scratch.

9 – Splice

iOS e Android

With Splice, you have access to numerous features that will allow you to create professional-grade materials in the palm of your hand. In it you will find exposure adjustments, contrast, saturation, video speed, masks and many effects options.

With this application you can work with chroma key, add narration and custom sound effects to edit your video.

10 – Premiere Rush

iOS e Android

The Adobe app has arrived to replace the old version, called Clip, and is an all-in-one video editing tool compatible even with Mac and Windows.

With tools for color, audio, animations and more, you can start a project in Rush and finish it in Premiere Pro desktop editing program using a Creative Cloud account.

11 – Power Director

iOS e Android

App to edit high quality videos easily and quickly. It has a large selection of editing tools that allow you to edit and export even in 4K.

It has stability adjustment, speed editor, chroma key effect, transitions, animations and many other features.

12 – Youcut


Application with various video cutting and montage features. With it you can apply transitions, effects, compress and reduce the size of videos, as well as share them on your favorite social network.

13 – FilmoraGo

iOS e Android

It is a video editor with a good level of resources, intended for simpler productions and a user profile that requires less from video editing applications.

Filmora stands out for its more compact interface and the set of features that allow videos to be worked on quickly for easy sharing via the internet. With it, you have access to more than 1,000 songs and 5,000 stickers to personalize your audiovisual content.

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