Top 5 SIP Calculators You Should Try Today

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Investing in mutual funds via the Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) can be a smart move, with the potential to yield significant returns in the long run. To achieve your financial goals optimally, it’s essential to calculate your returns meticulously. In this context, the importance of a SIP calculator cannot be overemphasized. Here we discuss the top five SIP calculators that you should try today.

What is a SIP Calculator?

A Systematic Investment Plan calculator is a tool that helps investors estimate the potential returns on their SIP investments over a specific period. By entering key details such as the monthly investment amount, expected annual return rate, and the investment duration, the calculator provides an estimate of the future value of the investments.

The SIP calculator operates on the principle of compound interest, where the returns on investments are reinvested to generate additional earnings. This makes it a valuable tool for planning and achieving long-term financial goals, as it provides a clear projection of how investments can grow over time.

Using a SIP calculator is straightforward. Investors need to input:

  1. Monthly Investment Amount: The fixed amount invested every month.
  2. Expected Annual Return Rate: The anticipated percentage of returns per year.
  3. Investment Duration: The total time period for which the investment will be made.

The output includes the total amount invested, the estimated returns, and the total corpus at the end of the investment period.

1. Canara Robeco SIP Calculator: 

Topping the list is the user-friendly Canara SIP calculator which makes your investment decision-making process relatively easier. It lets you calculate the returns on your mutual fund investments. All you need is to enter the amount invested per month, the time period for SIP, and the expected annual rate of return. You will receive a calculated estimate of your total investment, wealth gained, and final generated amount. This calculator provides a precise direction as to how much you should invest and for how long to achieve your desired financial goals.

2. Axis Mutual Fund SIP Calculator: 

The Axis Mutual Fund SIP calculator is another excellent tool that helps you determine the most profitable plan for Systematic Investment. Simply enter your investment amount, investment period, and expected return rate. The calculator swiftly provides effective results. With this, you get a good idea of exactly how much to invest and the duration for which you should make the investment.

3. HDFC SIP Calculator: 

This calculator is administered by one of the most reputed banks in the country, HDFC Bank. Whether you are investing in mid-cap, small-cap, or large-cap funds, this calculator gives you a fair understanding of how much wealth can be created over time.

4. SBI SIP Calculator: 

SBI provides a user-friendly SIP calculator that helps streamline your investments. It allows you to estimate your returns swiftly, thereby offering help in planning your financial journey more effectively.

5. ICICI Prudential SIP Calculator: 

This SIP calculator by ICICI Prudential provides an instantaneous and precise calculation of returns on your SIP investments, assisting in making well-informed decisions about the investment potential and devising your investment strategy.

Using any of these SIP calculators can facilitate the understanding of your anticipated returns, helping you plan and strategize your investments more effectively. They not only help you envisage the accumulation of wealth in the future but also clarify your financial goals and assist in their realization.

However, investors must be mindful that the usage of a SIP calculator does not guarantee profits. The numbers derived from these calculators only give an estimation and not fixed returns. It is advisable to consider the inflation rate, changing market dynamics, and risk factors associated with mutual investments while planning your investments. Therefore, ensure a comprehensive understanding and assessment of all pros and cons while trading in the Indian financial market.


SIP calculators can be incredibly useful for individuals planning to invest in mutual funds. They can help you understand your investment potential and devise accurate investment strategies. Among the most effective ones are the Canara SIP calculator and Axis Mutual Fund SIP calculator, both of which offer user-friendly interfaces and quick calculations. Other noteworthy mentions include the HDFC SIP calculator, SBI SIP calculator, and ICICI Prudential SIP Calculator. Investors need to examine all risk factors and market dynamics while devising their investment plans.

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