Twitter Wall For Events: A Complete Guide

Twitter Wall For Events: A Complete Guide

Social media walls are the talk of the event industry. They are becoming increasingly popular due to their own versatility and also the reason that people are highly influenced by social media nowadays.

Twitter is a perfect platform to display on your social wall. Twitter walls for events can be extremely efficacious.

Talking about the popularity of social media, Twitter is a perfect platform to display on your social wall. Twitter wall for events can be highly efficacious.

Social walls, as we know, are a feed of social content aggregated from any social platform, which is then displayed on any digital screen like LEDs, projectors, etc. 

Same way, a Twitter wall is all that, and the chosen social media platform is Twitter. 

Tips To Use Twitter Wall For Events

As much advantageous as live Twitter walls are, having a plan to use them correctly is important to get efficient results. You can achieve growth, boost engagement, and increase numbers on your Twitter as well. 

Here are a few tips for using a Twitter wall for events:

  1. Spark Conversations, Make It Interactive

Events are supposed to be interactive affairs. Hosting fun activities and contests for your attendees is a great way to spark conversations and make your event fun and interactive.

You can use a Twitter wall to host polls and Q&A rounds. How? You can add polls on Instagram and ask your audiences to participate on social media, and because Twitter walls work in real-time, the results will be displayed on the wall live. 

You can gather all your audiences in one place. Twitter is a great place to start interactions, and with the help of a Twitter wall, event hosts can display threads, and tweets and announce winners during the event. 

  1. Create An Event-Specific Hashtag

A Twitter wall collects content from Twitter through a source like a hashtag, user handle, or user mentions. If your source is a hashtag, then you might want to create a unique hashtag for your event.

It is a must to use your Twitter wall for events effectively. A strong hashtag is one that has a good recall value, is not too long to remember, and denotes your brand. Your hashtag should not be too common, for example – #BusinessConference2023 

Hashtags like these are way too generic and won’t be able to get accurate content specific to your event.

A good hashtag for your event can also help you to collect UGC from the audience and can be a sturdy part of your event branding and promotions. 

  1. Personalize Your Twitter Wall

When it comes to events, the one major thing that is common in every event is the presence of a lot of people. Crowds can be difficult to handle but guess what? It also has a major benefit for brands. The more the people, the more your brand will get recognition.

This is also when branding comes into play. You can use your Twitter wall as an accessory or even as a pillar of your brand. You can moderate it according to your liking by filtering the content that gets displayed. 

You can customize it in various ways by changing the layout of the wall, the style, and the theme; you can use your brand’s colours, add a brand logo to the wall and even run tickers to make your wall look even more personalized. 

  1. Give A Dedicated Space To Your Sponsors

Twitter social walls are so versatile. It’s basically social media on a bigger screen displayed in such a way that the viewers feel compelled to stop and look at it. 

Sponsors are the backbone of any event and deserve a dedicated space at their events. You can use a Twitter wall to provide that special place for them. You can display their Twitter account on the wall, showcase their tweets and the content they share, and even run their announcements on tickers exclusively.

This is an amazing way to make your sponsors feel valued and give them the recognition they deserve. This way, along with impressing your current sponsors, you can pitch new sponsors for future events.

  1. Display UGC, Make Your Audience Feel Seen

Just like anyone else, every user seeks acknowledgment after creating something for a brand. Be it a customer using a product and creating content for you, or an event visitor. If the customer is providing something for you without any evident benefit, the least you, as a brand, can do for them is acknowledge them and make them feel valued. 

By displaying UGC by your event’s audience on your Twitter wall, you can give your audience 3 seconds of recognition and make them want to do it all over again. So, it’s really a win-win situation. 

The Final Call

In conclusion, if you want the best success numbers for your event – engagement, growth, or sales, then including a Twitter wall in your event’s plan is just the right plan for you. 

With a Twitter wall, you can cover almost every aspect of a successful event, whether it is engaging with your audience or impressing your sponsors.

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