Who’s on Top? A Look at the Current women’s world cup standings

Who’s on Top Women’s Football

The battle for international supremacy in women’s football is fierce, and with no women’s world cup standings currently happening in June 2024, let’s shift focus to the FIFA Women’s World Rankings. This ranking system determines the strongest national teams in the world.

Spain Takes the Throne

As of June 3rd, 2024, Spain reigns supreme in the FIFA Women’s World Rankings. Their impressive performance over recent years has seen them dethrone the previous leader, Sweden. This is a testament to the rising strength of Spanish women’s football.

Tracking the Contenders

While Spain holds the top spot, other teams are hot on their heels. Here’s a breakdown of some of the key contenders:

  • Biggest Climber: The Solomon Islands have seen the most significant rise in the rankings, showcasing the growth of women’s football in Oceania.
  • Most Points Scored: The attacking prowess of the United States is undeniable, boasting the most points scored in the ranking system.
  • New Highest Rank: Making a historic debut in the rankings is the tiny nation of Puerto Rico, signifying the continued expansion of women’s football globally.

Where to Find More Information

For a detailed look at the current FIFA Women’s World Rankings, you can visit the official FIFA website This website provides a comprehensive breakdown of each team’s position, points, and historical ranking movements. women’s world cup standings

The Future of Women’s Football

The current rankings offer a snapshot of the international landscape in women’s football. With Spain at the helm and exciting developments in other nations, the future of the sport promises to be thrilling. Stay tuned to see how these rankings evolve and which teams will challenge for dominance in the years to come.sharemore_vert

Who is the best women’s football team?

There are two ways to answer that depending on what you mean by “best”:

  • National Teams: According to the current FIFA Women’s World Rankings (as of June 3rd, 2024), Spain holds the top spot. This ranking system considers a team’s performance in recent matches to determine their overall strength.
  • Club Teams: If you’re interested in club teams, then FC Barcelona is currently considered the best by the International Federation of Football History & Statistics (IFFHS) based on their Club World Ranking system.


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