11 tips to keep your customer and supplier base updated

For a successful business, you need to keep your supplier list up to date. In this way, you provide your customers with the best prices, with quality products, and keep the base of people looking for your company in constant expansion.

In this post, we will present 11 tips to keep your customer and supplier base updated through some very simple practices. Keep reading and check it out!

1. Do a lot of research and search for the product manufacturer

Search for the manufacturer of the product you want to sell. Possibly, you will get a wholesale price on the product,  reducing costs  and being able to resell it later at more attractive prices.

No matter the area in which your company operates: it is always possible to find specialized fairs and events, where suppliers from different parts of the country and even from other nationalities exhibit their products and service differentials. All you need to do is organize your schedule to attend some that interest you.

2. Look for catalogs and specialized magazines

If you live a long way from where supplier fairs normally take place and, therefore, are unable to visit them, there are other ways to meet new partners. It is always possible to browse the organizers’ website and, many times, they provide the list of exhibitors with a telephone number and website.

Otherwise, you can search the catalog for purchase. You can also purchase specialized magazines, which are excellent ways to seek out new suppliers.

3. Have a differential

Your competitive edge is something that cannot be copied by your competitors. He is what makes people seek your business. A differential allows your customers to attribute value to your business, which goes beyond prices and makes them think it is advantageous to consume from your company.

Improving a traditional process carried out in your business or adding something new, even a simple one, like a promotion or interesting offer to the customer, can make all the difference.

4. Know your customers’ needs

Even if you approach the right way and are extremely competent in serving a customer, you may still not get the expected results. There must be a marriage between attentive and professional service, as the greatest achievement is not the acquisition of a product or service by the customer, but their loyalty so that they return and promote your company.

5. Get closer to those who want to buy

Sometimes selling in the traditional way, physically going to your buyers, can be more effective than selling online. The personal contact with who will consume your products will rarely be surpassed by advertising algorithms based on what the customer searches on the internet. Face-to-face contact can make all the difference in securing a steady customer.

6. Systematize sales processes

Sales should not be made in the heat of the moment. Of course, it is important to know how to improvise to better serve, according to each circumstance, but it also takes great preparation and direction.

Get to know your customers and outline profiles, defining how they should be approached. Know who you’re talking to and even plan the details. Establish standardized methods for how each sales step should be performed.

7. Use technology to update your customer and supplier base

Many companies carry out all their operations using electronic spreadsheets. For your business to act more robustly, it is interesting  to look for an ERP system .

One option is the solution created by TOTVS, the largest software company in Latin America and national leader in the ERP segment,  Protheus . It supports your activities and keeps track of your customer and supplier base.

8. Invest in digital marketing

This type of marketing is considered the most important today, due to the great reach that virtual technology has in people’s lives. All of your customers probably have a smartphone, from which they perform many day-to-day tasks such as communication, product research, etc.

The great differential of digital marketing is also its diversity: several strategies that you can use, as we will explain below:

  • content marketing, which is the creation of a blog and website with valuable information for customers, in which you will give tips so that they or their company can develop better and faster;
  • email marketing, in which you send your customers messages with summaries of your posts and personalized product recommendations;
  • influencer marketing, in which a digital influencer is hired to promote their services, products, etc.

Therefore, nowadays, it is very difficult to expand your customer base without investing in digital advertising and promotion strategies.

9. Establish a supplier review frequency

Regarding the supplier base, it is essential to maintain a periodic review. After all, several new companies appear on the market with innovative solutions and conditions, which can surpass their old partners.

Even if you don’t want to break off the partnership , you can use the results of your review to start a negotiation with them. Thus, you will be able to obtain new benefits and facilities for payment, shipping, etc.

10. Organize events

Another very important publicity strategy is events, as they provide a closer contact between your business and customers. However, here, we’re not just talking about parties, but about technical events, where industry trends and new tools are presented.

Thus, you can present your solutions in a contextualized way. Obviously, at the end of the presentations, it is important to offer a neat cocktail to the customers. In these opportunities, they will be able to talk to managers, executives and business partners.

11. Have a good software infrastructure

In order for you to have improved marketing and dissemination management, in addition to maintaining good control of your customer base, good software is essential. Every company today should have an ERP and a sales force automation solution.

This brings a very large gain in productivity, efficiency and conversion. However, it is only possible when you also have a very good physical and service infrastructure so that all systems run easily, without delaying operations.

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