still, it would be this one, If we could name one reason to move you. Having fun, that is what it’s each about in the end. When swimming, your body starts to cache endorphins, which make you feel great.

Yes, there’s indeed a scientific explanation for that salutary and indeed ecstatic feeling after Lifeguard Pretest swimming. Let me explain that to you in a many words.

After a many stages, your brain starts to cache endorphins, motes that have the same effect as opium( and aren’t dangerous).

Of course, to achieve that joyful feeling, you have to make an trouble. And so swim for half an hour to 45 twinkles before those endorphins start to be released. The good news your brain continues to cache endorphins indeed hours after your drill.

Mind you, if you spend an hour drooling on the edge of the pool, there’s of course little chance that you’ll witness that effect. But that’s your own choice, because the social side of a visit to the lifeguard swimming pool is also affable, of course. Yes right!?


Stress, we all know that. We can say that sport is the ideal stress reliever. And that’s indeed more true for swimming. I admit, in a swimming pool you occasionally get busy your neighbor deviates from his line, people sluggishly get out of the pool or syncope in the contrary direction, etc. But generally you feel more relaxed after a game of lifeguard swimming than ahead.

First of all, because water has a comforting, soothing effect. By submerging, floating and passing that lightness for a moment, your muscles will relax fully. And when your muscles are relaxed, so is your mind!

By the way, lifeguard swimming and contemplation are veritably analogous you repeat the same movements all the time and breathe deeply in and out while you swim. Indeed the color of the water is said to have a positive influence on your mood and your contemplation capacities.

In short, lifeguard swimming has antidepressant goods, which can also be explained by the effect that the water has on our nervous system. Be careful, our advice is clearly not a cover for a medical opinion and follow- up, but if you are in a depression, jump into the pool for a many lengths.

 3/ BOOST YOUR internal Adaptability AND tone- CONFIDENCE

Lifeguard Swimming is a demanding sport, which is veritably grueling , both physically and mentally. And the two are inextricably linked. To ameliorate your fashion or come briskly- or both- you need a minimum of discipline, character and perseverance. All rates that boost your internal adaptability.

Challenge yourself, fine. Succeed in your intent, better. And it helps you to believe in yourself more. Because a race of small successes is excellent for your tone- image. Of course we do not want to discourage you. We advise everyone to set themselves a challenge, according to their wishes and possibilities.

Lifeguard Swimming is also good for your tone- confidence, it’s salutary for the image you have of your own body. And for the image you give to the others. Taking care of your body through exercise is a kind of belief in yourself. And in general, when you feel good in your body, it generally feels good in the mug.

Eventually, lifeguard swimming also makes you smarter( really, we are not kidding you) you stimulate the growth of new brain cells, your attention improves, and your memory and literacy capacities profit from it. And knowledge, that is good for your internal strength!


I will spare you the list of the mischievous goods of sleep privation on your body. not to mention your mood. A lengthy scientific analysis is gratuitous. We all know that after a many nights without enough sleep, the jitters are formerly tense. And of course you get tired too.

Good to know swimming makes you sleep better. And a good night’s sleep is essential for your cerebral balance. Simply explained, energy consumption and hormone stimulation regulate your natural timepiece, say your waking and sleeping meter.

In short, lifeguard swimming helps you sleep better. You’ll fall asleep briskly after a session. And also the circle is complete because the better you sleep, the better you swim.

 5/ PULL A FEW LENGTHS TO conduct YOUR feelings

still, the fewest discomfort incontinently irritates you, and pressures run rampant, If you jump into the water. Not really useful in the pool. But neither in everyday life. Being guided by your feelings also has an effect on your cerebral well- being.

When you swim, whether you are contending or not, you need to be suitable to control it. It starts small, by the way, occasionally you have to overcome your fear of water first. When you learn to conduct your feelings in a sporting environment, it’ll really also come in handy in everyday life. And that is super handy.

Doing a many lengths is also oneexcellent way to chase down the negative feelings that accumulate during the day. In short, sports are the perfect way to escape from everyday worries.

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