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India is a land of rituals, where we people end up performing Pooja before and after every single deed of ours. Even newborn babies come under this circle of traditions, as many households perform special poojas and rituals as a welcome gesture to the new addition to their family. Though some of us see them as mere rituals, there are indeed deep connections behind each of our ancestral practices. One of the best rituals that every Indian household follows is naming the babies, and baby name finders help them sort out the best name for their babies.

Parents perform the naming ceremony about two weeks after birth, and until this time, the babies will be at home to prevent potential infections. On the day, parents plan a big celebration to welcome the child. However choosing the best name for the newborn is a tedious task in most households.

Some parents wish to keep traditional names and the names of their forefathers for their children. While the others hunt for new and stylish names for their bundle of joy. Nevertheless, choosing the best name for the child is generally a mind-breaking task. One of the best ways to find the best-fit name for the newborn is to make use of the baby name finder. Let us discuss how to find the best names for Sikh babies using this tool.


  1. What is Naamkaran in Sikh practises?

The Sikhs choose their babies’ names through a naming ceremony, or the Naamkaran. Parents will plan this ceremony within a few weeks of the baby’s birth.  

Sikh baby names:

Babies born in the Sikh community are given their names during the Naamkaran ceremony in the presence of friends and family members. The Sikh baby names take influence from the sacred verses in Gurbani or the Holy Guru Granth Sahib. During the naming ceremony, the priest will open the religious book of Sikhism randomly. This page will be the command for that day. The priest or the granthi will then read the first line of the page. The first letter of the first verse or word will be the first letter of the baby. This command for the day, also known as the Hukam, will guide the future of the baby and give directions for its future. 

Generally, after the Sikh baby names are chosen this way, the prefix Singh is added to the boy’s name. And the prefix Kaur is for girl babies. The term Kaur means princess, and the term Singh means lion. 

If some families have last names that they have been using for generations, then Singh or Kaur becomes the second name for the babies, and the family name becomes the last name. The naming conventions in Sikh families take influence from regional customs, family traditions, and personal preferences. The most recent innovation is to choose baby names with the help of baby name finders.

Sikh baby name finder:

The Sikh baby names are generally from Guru Granth Sahib and reflect devotion and spirituality towards God. The Sikh names generally represent contentment, truth, peace, love, and compassion. Generally, Sikh names are gender-neutral and can suit both boys and girls. They can also be combined with other names as suffixes or prefixes to get special and unique meanings. 

The baby name finder available online could be the best tool to find the ideal name for the babies. The major advantages of using these tools are that, 

  • They come up with a unique assortment of traditional and modern names to give the babies. Parents can actually choose the name according to their individual tastes and preferences.
  • Parents need not brainstorm and break their heads in finding the name, as the baby name finders come with all possible names for both male and female babies.
  • The baby finder tools can suggest specific names that are close to the family values and ideologies of the babies.
  • The names of these tools are in alphabetical order. Thus, it makes it easy for parents to find the best name for their newborns instantly. Once the priest gives their babies the first name, they can easily find the name on the baby name finder. 
  • Along with the name, they also give the meaning of the name, making it easy for parents to pick the most meaningful name for their babies.

Bottom line:

Sikh baby names are easy to choose if you make use of the name-finder tools. They are available online, just a finger click away. The names are presented here neatly and in alphabetical order, making it easy for parents to find them instantly.

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