How to Choose a Sweater

Garnet Gemstone Meaning, Cost and Healing Properties The holiday is coming soon. We will buy some warm clothes and sweaters for our parents and children during the Spring Festival. What I will tell you today is the selection skills of sweaters, because the quality of sweaters is now uneven. Choose There are certain skills, I will talk about my own experience. Boden discount code


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  1. First, the choice of sweater needs to pay attention to the tightness of the wool, which is a key to the quality of the sweater. The better the tightness of the sweater, the better the quality of the sweater, and the warmth retention will be strong. You need to pay attention to this .
  2. Second, when choosing a sweater, it is recommended that you pull the sweater with your hands to see how elastic the wool is. Generally speaking, if the quality of the wool is good, it will have good elasticity, so that it can be warm when worn on the body, and It will also be very comfortable.
  3. Third, the price of good quality sweaters is generally higher, among which mink hair is the best one, we should pay attention to the brand when we choose mink sweaters, because big brands generally do not have quality problems, and mink hair is difficult to identify, so We can only choose brands. Check 90s hairstyles black women
  4. Fourth, the quality of sweaters in many merchants is very poor, and there are a lot of chemical fibers in them. Therefore, when buying sweaters, it is best to smell them first, and only buy them if there is no peculiar smell, because chemical fibers generally have peculiar smells. , we can tell by smelling.
  5. Fifth, when we choose a sweater, we can also pull the silk thread on the sweater with our hands. If it can be rolled into a small ball quickly, it means that the quality of the sweater is not very good, and there are many chemical fibers in it. If it is difficult to curl , indicating better quality. Amazon Discount Code NHS
  1. Sixth, when you are identifying sweaters, you can also rub the sweaters with your hands. If you find that there is a lot of static electricity on it, it means that the wool content of this sweater is very low, and the content of chemical fiber products is relatively large, so I don’t have to Choose this sweater now. 
  2. Seventh, when we buy a sweater, we can also carefully check the joints of all the yarns on the surface of the sweater, mainly to see if the sweater is smooth, and at the same time, how is the knitting texture of the sweater consistent, whether the color of the yarn is even, and whether it has These conditions indicate that the sweater is of good quality. 

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Simple Strokes of Sweater

  • crayons
  • Paper
  1. First draw the collar of the sweater.
  2. Next, draw the sleeves of the sweater, as well as the whole.
  3. Paint the sweater collar yellow.
  4. Paint the season catch trim on the sleeves blue
  5. Paint the rest of the sweater pink.
  6. In this way, the sweater is drawn.

How to shrink a sweater How to restore a shrinking sweater

In daily life, we often encounter that when we buy woolen sweaters, they are quite big, but after washing, we find that they are still relatively small. Mainly because of shrinkage, how do we solve this shrinkage problem

  1. We can use softener for sweaters. Put the sweater in water, add a small amount of softener, soak for more than an hour, and then start pulling the sweater. Let it dry and it will return to its original shape.
  2. You can also use a steamer to put the sweater in the pot and steam it for more than ten minutes, take it out, stretch it, and hang it in the shade. Anything But A Cup Ideas
  3. If conditions permit, you can take it to a dry cleaner. The dry cleaner has a high temperature method for your body shape, which can make your sweater return to its previous size
  4. The method of manual hand washing with warm water can also make the sweater look like before, mainly by soaking in warm water and then washing, and finally pulling it apart by hand.
  5. The washed sweaters should be folded so that the sweaters will not lose their shape.
  6. There is also a more convenient method, which is to use shampoo, which contains plasticizers and leavening agents, which can make the sweater loose.


There are many ways to wash sweaters. Be careful not to wash them with a washing machine.

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How to choose a men’s sweater, how to choose a men’s sweater

Sweaters in autumn and winter always remind people of the warm embrace of a lover. So, how to choose a sweater for men? Here is a little experience and reference for those friends who are thinking of buying. eBay Discount Code NHS 

  1. When choosing a knitted cardigan, pay attention to the change of collar shape. The “V” shape is generally more mature, while the round shape is suitable for all ages.
  2. Because cardigans can not only be worn inside, but also worn outside, the workmanship of texture and details is required to be more refined.
  3. Long-sleeved cardigans remain unchanged every year, simple and elegant, and conservative colors can make sweater cardigans more suitable for different occasions.

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