Joji glimpse of us lyrics

Verse 1] Joji glimpse of us lyrics

It would take the world off my shoulders If I ever found it hard to move It would turn the rain into a rainbow When I lived sad Why then when she’s so perfect Me wish it was always like this is it you? Perfect doesn’t mean it works & # 039; So what can I do? (Ooh)

[Before the chorus]

When you’re out of sight In my head


‘Cause sometimes I look into her eyes And then I see glimpses And I try to fall for her touch but i guess… how was it i said i’m fine and i said i’m going i’m just here to spend time in his arms hopin&039; I’ll find us on the street

[Verse 2]

Tell me I taste your glory Laugh like me? Is it part of your story? What I never knew Maybe one day you’ll feel lonely And you’ll see a twinkle in her eyes Maybe you’ll start slipping… slowly and you’ll find me

You might as well love No one gets Me SZA A&W Lana Del Rey Creepin’ Metro Boomin, The Weeknd & 21 Savage


When you’re out of vision In my mind


Because sometimes I look her in the eye And that’s where you looking at us And I try to fall love with her touch But I think & # 039; How was it? I said I was fine and I said I would move. I’m only here to spend time in his arms. Hopin’ I’ll find us fleetingly



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