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advertise online using social media the right way so that i can start attracting leads to me so I don’t have to chase people around and i can start getting leads that actually buy well in today’s video l’m going to tell you the five best ways that i have used in my business since 2013 to market my business online very very effectively i get 200 leads every single day using these strategies i have been a three-time top earner and one of the companies i promote and i’ve taught these strategies all over the country to other entrepreneurs just like you so if you have ever felt like your social media marketing isn’t working or the things you put out people aren’t responding to grab a pen and paper get ready to take some notes because i think you’re going to get a ton of value out of today’s video all right so the five ways that i use to market my business online you’re going to be able to implement these right away way number one what you need to do is you need to ask yourself five questions in order to use these five strategies okay so question number one that you need to ask yourself is this do my prospects ever

ask a question…..

prior to making a buying decision and i’ll give you an example like one of the businesses that i own is a photography studio so i think to myself when i mark it online right before somebody would get ready to make a purchasing decision for photography portrait photography let’s say family portraits what are some things they might be going to google and typing in what are questions they might be asking that i can put in front of them; i can put an answer a valuable answer in front of them to get them reaching out to me they might be asking things like what do we wear for family portraits or what’s the best time of year for family pictures right so anytime i can answer my prospects questions and specifically we want to look for buyer intent types of questions and by the way if you want more examples of what these types of questions are and really more importantly who to target and where to find your perfect prospects online because obviously not everybody is going to want to hire me for let’s say my photography services so i don’t want to put that question in front of everybody i only want to put it in front of my most targeted prospects if you want to know how to find those people online and where they are and who they are i do have a free web class you can click the link i think it should be right up here in the corner of your screen and you can register for that free web class i’ll show you who those three groups are and i’ll give you more examples of these five strategies on that free web class okay strategy number two or question number two that you should ask is this do my prospects struggle with any problems or frustrations that my thing can solve or are they frustrated by something that i could help them with with either my product or my knowledge or my service and so like for example you might be watching this video right now because i’m helping you solve a problem right so i have a one of my other businesses is that i have a coaching and training company we sell information products we have a coaching program for for business owners and entrepreneurs and one of the things i do is i ask myself what problems are people dealing with in their business well i’ve run out of leads i don’t have people to talk to i put ads up on facebook and they my ads get shut down or things don’t work well

all of those problems are things that i could create a a video or a piece of content or a facebook post or a blog post about and i can help someone solve that problem for free to attract them to me you can do the same thing in your business so and the real secret here guys you want to write this part down if you’re talking about your product instead of your prospect you’re doing it wrong okay let me give you an example iet’s say you’ve got a skin cream okay and you want to use question number two to market your skin cream as an example well what amateurs do is they go out and they say here’s why my skin cream is amazing and here’s all the ingredients and here’s why we’re better than our competitors that doesn’t work because nobody cares about your product until they know that you care about them as a prospect so the better way would be hey do you struggle with acne here’s five things that you can do to get rid of your acne quickly that’s a message that your perfect prospect who would want your skin cream product would respond to without you having to talk about your skin cream and repelling them up front okay strategy number three are you ready question number three rather is do you have any stories of people who have experienced something awful that’s happened to them because they didn’t use your product maybe they used the competitors product or they didn’t know about your product at all or they they weren’t informed the right way so let’s say that uh maybe you’ve got a weight loss product and people aren’t losing weight because they’re using the wrong diet information or the wrong exercise information right and something awful happened they got diabetes and died people on social media respond to stories stories are one of the most powerful things that you can utilize in your marketing another example of this would be let’s say that you’re like an insurance agent and you wanted to attract more leads well a lot of people may not know they want insurance but if you told a story about somebody who a tornado knocked their house down they thought their homeowner’s insurance was going to cover them but because they had an agent who didn’t explain the policy they weren’t covered in the way they thought that’s the kind of story that people would respond to it would attract people on social media and simultaneously it would build their desire they’d go oh my god well maybe i don’t have the right kind of coverage for my house maybe i should look into this and you can give them a call to action to say hey if you want me to show you five simple things that you can look for in your policy reach out to me get this free guide….

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