How To Dress In Classy Style But On A Budget

Define Your Personal Style

Style and Class all come with time as you move forward in your fashion journey and figure out what works for you. Although to achieve your end goal of looking classic and sleek, you have to introduce some statement pieces in your wardrobe to complete your goal. Such pretty and elegant styles can be found on SABA; they have a wide variety of clothing for men and women, from suits to blazers to skirts to swimwear, you name it, they have it. They have all the colours, textures, and patterns to fulfil your elegant clothing requirements. Use the Saba Discount Code to enjoy discounts on their products.

Moreover, by diving deep into this blog, you will discover more ways to look flattering and classic.


You can only look stylish if you start by taking care of yourself. That beautiful skin, polished nails, and healthy hair will even make you look good with minimum effort. Moreover, it certainly does not mean going for expensive spa appointments or incorporating false lashes or a full face of makeup. You just have to be yourself, eat and drink well, shower and let your skin breathe. All these simple things can make you look groomed.

Fitted Clothes:

One of the focal points of looking classier. You must ensure that any clothing you wear is tailor-fit and enhances your body shape instead of doing the opposite. You should look for an item that fits you well in the first place, and if you don’t find them, then find a good tailor. In addition, a perfect example is of hourglass shape body on which high-rise jeans will look perfect. And for shorter women, it’s especially important for them to seek a tailor to not to drench in fabric.

Match Shoe With Bag:

An excellent pair of shoes can make the outfit look so invested in. For example, a black pair of high heels or pointy flats can work on several occasions, as it’s a wardrobe staple. Matching shoes and bags means colour and material both matter. Matching means the same colours or the same material, as this looks quite elegant from the styling point of view. Moreover, a good bag and a pair of shoes can significantly impact your look. Therefore you must see it as a valuable investment that will prove its worth in the long run.

Avoid Over-Exposure:

A little off-shoulder top can surely add to the classiness, but revealing too much skin can land you out of the classy women category. Therefore, you must avoid clothes that are too revealing, even crop tops and stressed clothes. Furthermore, to look elegant, you must not buy this kind of clothing as it makes you look less sophisticated. Instead, buy clothes that are not attention-grabbing and are simple and minimal looking. The same rule applies to distressed garments. They make your outfit look casual instantly.


Layering is a simple way to look classy on a budget. It makes you look more put together and even reduces the exposure of skin. As an addition to a sophisticated piece in your wardrobe, you can pair it with different attire to enhance its elegance. For example, blazers and coats can be a good option, as they are available in many different styles and varieties. In addition, an expensive and premium quality fabric can bring a flattering look to the overall tone.

Selection Of Colours:

Neutral tones are always the best choice to pick as a base colour, including black, tan, grey, white and navy. These also remove the problem of making a decision every morning of choosing what to wear. With neutrals, you just have to pick a top and accessories to match it. Even so with neutrals making such decisions becomes more accessible, and they create richness in the look regardless of the price. Furthermore, the same applies to patterns and textures, including animal prints and pinstripes. Pairs these together can elevate your look significantly.

Define Your Personal Style:

If you want to keep your style on a budget, being sure of what you like can save time and money. Additionally, it will help in making better choices when shopping. An excellent way to do that is to create a structure before you dive into shopping using a mood or inspiration board. Seeing what you like in visual form can be efficient while shopping, and it filters out all the unwanted things. In addition once you become aware of your choices, you start to spot those things more easily. Moreover, individual elements help break down the style.

Incorporate A Statement Piece:

Adding a statement piece and then wearing it with a suitable outfit can instantly polish your outfit. The top favourite choice for a statement piece is a handbag, most definitely not a designer bag, but a leather one is a good investment. A premium quality leather bag or vegan leather comes in various ranges and colours. Moreover, you can also pick jewellery and watches as statement pieces.

Body Shape:

When you dress according to your body shape, anything will look flattering on you. It is the first thing to think of when considering shopping. Furthermore as mentioned in this blog earlier about fitted clothes, you will easily find fitted clothes when you are shopping in the right section. When you know about your body shape, then you can make better choices while purchasing. Loose fitting may look cheap even when the attire is expensive; the wrong size can make it look cheap.

No Logos:

Saying no logos will automatically bring your cost down, as we already know how expensive buying branded clothes or accessories are. No branded product you can find cheap other than its knockoffs. Do not be a living advertisement for any brand. That’s not the elegant way. Instead, try choosing clothes and other things without a brand name or tag attached to them. Clothes without any logos look more enticing and elegant, and you get to maintain your budget.

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