School With Best Lower School Curriculum In New Jersey

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The curriculum helps teachers and students share objectives by standardizing the school’s learning objectives and providing a clear path for pupils to move up through the grades.

A school’s curriculum helps with the creation of the instructional method or process. The curriculum consists of several interconnected assignments that help teachers and students accomplish their learning objectives. A lesson plan is an illustration of a curriculum that a teacher might utilize in the classroom.

The best curriculum is provided by Ability School in NJ for your child.

The curriculum at the Ability School places a lot of emphasis on fundamental ideas as well as information that students may utilize to succeed in a variety of areas of their lives. A solid foundation in the essential areas of reading, writing, mathematics, spelling, and handwriting ensures that students truly comprehend these topics and serves as a springboard for further study. It is one of the best private school in Englewood NJ. 

A reading program used by Ability School was created by Heron Books and The Delphian School, a school in Oregon. This Englewood middle school helps to build your child’s personality and serves as a basis for their future.

With Ability School, you can change your child’s growth.

In the early years of education, a child should get off to the greatest start possible with a solid grasp of the fundamentals, a love of learning, and a curiosity about the outside world.

Ability School worked very hard to create an environment that does this in a number of ways. This comprises a highly individualized, student-centered education, a powerful basics program incorporated into a rich syllabus, and the concern their teachers have for every student.

Ability’s Lower school curriculum

The reading program at Ability School is renowned across the country for its success in fostering a love of reading in young children and helping them eventually reach a high literacy level. The integrated curriculum for the Lower School also provides a strong foundation in the core areas of writing, spelling, math, geography, history, and science.

Additionally, Ability School’s lesson plans include innovative exercises that encourage students to explore their surroundings and apply what they learn to actual circumstances. Every student enrolled in the Delphi Program develops productive study habits—in other words, they “learn how to learn”—which is a unique aspect of the course.

Practical Method

Young children learn a lot by observing the world around them. Ability School promotes this idea by involving children in both inside- and outside-the-classroom activities. As part of their regular coursework, students complete a variety of research projects and STEAM activities. In the Lower School, students spend more than half of the day engaged in practical work or artistic endeavors.

Field trips

Field trips are routinely planned to promote contact with the natural world. Additionally, field visits provide students with the practical experience they need to complement a variety of academic subjects. Students visit various places, such as museums, libraries, aquariums, zoos, and nature preserves, with an emphasis on “hands-on learning.” In order to learn more about how typical enterprises like a restaurant, grocery shops, and more function, they could also take a peek behind the scenes. The post office, the fire station, the police station, the city hall, etc. are just a few examples of locations they might go to.


Music and arts are extremely important at Ability School and encourage innovation. Students study a variety of skills and techniques for creating art using media like oils, charcoal, pencil, and watercolor. Students learn melodies and musical skits as part of the music program. Every year, students take the stage in a significant production to acquire experience performing in front of an audience and working with an ensemble.


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