Visual Management: what are the benefits and how to implement it in my business?

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In an increasingly competitive environment, it is essential that managers look for ways to improve internal communication and optimize processes , reducing costs and maximizing gains. One way to do this is by adopting spot management.

This management methodology has gained market attention, mainly due to its ease of application and the various benefits generated. These include increasing efficiency in decision-making and creating a more positive work environment.

With that in mind, below are the main information about spot management and how this methodology can help your business beat the competition. Read to the end to check it out!

After all, what is spot management?

First, it is necessary to understand that sight management is an administration model whose main characteristic is the transparency of information among all the company’s employees, that is, the data is on display to be consulted and monitored by them.

The objective of this practice is to favor decision-making, based on a complete view of the business, and to create a more productive work environment, through trust and communication incentives. In this way, a policy of transparency results in more competitive business in the market.

Shared data can be goals, objectives, results, strategies, news, elements of the culture code, and even business concerns that are important to employees. The choice of information to be presented and the channels used for this purpose vary with each organization.

The most used means for the transparency of the company’s data are its own digital platforms, such as intranet, corporate social network, monitors and TVs. Less technological options can also be used, such as bulletin boards and notices, but the work for their maintenance is greater.

What are its business benefits?

As we said, spot management provides several benefits for companies. Check out a little more about the main ones below!

Improve target control

One of the options for spot management is to keep a table with all the goals of the company, the area and even the professionals in each department. The demo is personalized, indicating how much of each value has been achieved so far.

In this way, it is easier for employees to understand how they are performing in relation to their individual and team goals, as well as their contribution to the company’s results. This works as motivating factors to improve the work.

For managers, information allows them to make decisions that improve results, such as adopting new strategies, making new hires and even moving team members.

Easily identify risks

A more complete view of information allows managers to easily identify points of risk. In this way, it is easier to avoid problems that compromise the company’s results, taking preventive measures.

Increase employee engagement

With a management system in sight, employees can better visualize their importance and contribution to the company’s results, as well as understand what is expected of them as a professional and how their performance is in relation to general goals. All these factors increase your engagement with activities.

Improve the overview of business processes

As we said, the objective of this management model is to provide a complete view of the company’s processes for all its members. For decision-makers, such as managers and directors, this is very important, as it makes it easier to make more assertive and efficient choices.

Facilitate prioritization

Among the decisions that many managers need to make is setting priorities. With a clearer view of the business, its goals and risk points, it is easier to establish what should pay more attention, be done first and receive investments.

Managers can carry out  evaluations of the performance of professionals and take measures to improve their results.

Increase the training of professionals

Another benefit provided by cash management is the possibility of increasing the productivity capacity of professionals. This happens because, with a clear vision of what is expected of them and greater notions about what needs to be done to achieve their goals, this employee becomes more proactive and starts to deliver better results .

Gain process efficiency

When professionals start to carry out their tasks with more guidance, provided by the management information in sight, the processes become more efficient. There is no rework or doubts about what needs to be done.

Improve the organizational climate

Cash management also contributes to improving the organizational climate. With the exposure of information, professionals see transparency as a form of trust and come to believe more in the company.

In addition, problems that normally cause friction and compromise the climate are eliminated. Among the most common are lack of communication, rework, lack of understanding of goals and what is expected of the professional.

gain competitive advantage

With optimized internal functioning, better educated professionals, more productive and aligned with the macro objectives of the organization, processes become more efficient and agile. All this results in a more competitive company.

How to apply this type of management?

Now that you know what spot management is and its benefits, it is important to know how to put this model into practice in your business. Below is a step-by-step guide for this, check it out!

make a good plan

The first step is to plan for this change. Start with a mapping of what information is currently being passed to collaborators and what means are used to do so.

From this information, define what changes can be made to make communication more transparent . Identify which data should be passed on to each area, the most suitable channels for this and how they should be implemented.

prepare the leaders

Now, it is necessary to change the mindset of leaders who are against it or are unaware of the practice, showing the benefits of visible management and how the changes should be made by it. Show how this model will help you in your decisions and bring benefits to the company.

Direct content to collaborators

Implement the processes established in the planning and start operating more transparently. At this point, it is essential to communicate with employees and say what is being changed in management , the reasons for this and how they can take advantage of the data being shared.

Use technology strategically

Finally, a tip is to use technology strategically . As we said, many solutions can be adopted to facilitate the transparency and communication of information, such as digital platforms and corporate social networks.

It is evident that spot management is a great option for companies that want to follow market trends and ensure more optimized and efficient processes in their business, as well as many other benefits provided by this model.

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