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Best Ways To Get Energy-Efficient Commercial Windows

When it comes to commercial buildings, the one thing that all of you pay attention to is the aesthetics of the building. In general, these commercial buildings are mainly offices in a lot of people accommodate every day. When it is a building with more people accommodation for work purposes daily, you have to ensure to make it airy, and spacious enough for proper accommodation. Another important factor that needs special mention here is the lighting of the room.

To make sure that you have installed the best windows in the commercial space, you hire the best commercial glazing companies. Since they are professional people, you do not need to bother about the installation process. Once you bestow them the responsibility of fixing the windows, they will complete the task within the respective time.

Now, with hiring commercial glaziers Birmingham, comes a cost factor that you can never deny. When it comes to the cost of installing commercial glaziers, you want to look for a cheaper option that will be of the best quality. At the same time, you want to install such windows that will last for a long time. Keeping the durability and longevity factors in mind, we recommend you invest in energy-efficient commercial windows.

Since many people are not aware of energy-efficient commercial structures, we have come up with this blog. In this blog, we will cover the ways by which you can save energy via commercial building equipment and also some beneficial tips for the same. Therefore, without much delay, let’s get into the blog right away.

Working on energy-efficient windows

Before we get into the tips of installing energy-efficient windows, it is necessary to give you an idea about how energy-efficient windows work. well, many people still think that installing energy-efficient windows is a façade. However, once you get to its working mechanism, you will understand how beneficial these energy-efficient windows are.

To understand the working of energy-efficient windows, you have to focus on three main points as given below:

1. Energy-efficient glass

In most houses, you will come across a single-pane window installed almost in every room. Due to the presence of the single-pane window, the insulation inside the room is very less and sometimes, lesser than what is required. To test the truthfulness of this fact, you can put your hand on the ledge of the window and see the warmth in the air inside the room compared to the coldness of the air outside.

Now, when you install double-pane windows, you can be sure of experiencing the air to be the same both outside and inside. Also, double-pane windows never allow the outside air to get inside. Secondly, energy-efficient windows save your furniture and the curtain fabrics from fading. Wondering how? When the sunlight directly falls on these commodities inside the room, they tend to lighten their colour of them. With double-pane windows, you need not bother about it as it reduces the power of direct sunlight.

2. Low-emissivity coating

When the window glass of your house has a low emissivity coating, it is sure to make the interiors of your room comfortable the whole year. There are numerous benefits of low-emissivity glasses. First, they prevent the UV rays of the sun from entering the interiors of the room directly.

Since they have the power to reflect the sunlight, you can enjoy enough light in the room without the room getting unnecessarily warm. As a result, it helps your room to stay cool and saves the working of the air conditioner. Besides, the presence of silver oxide in these low-emissivity glasses makes it a great reflection that is highly cost-effective.

3. Spacer system

Although many of you have not heard of spacer systems, they play a vital role in fixing the amount of coldness or warmth that should seep through the glass panes. With a spacer system, the amount of heat loss is much lesser than it was before without the spacer mechanism. In addition, this increases the energy efficiency of the windows.

Therefore, keeping all these factors in mind, you can contact a reputed commercial glazing service provider if you want to save on your electricity bills.

Ways to get more energy-efficient windows

Given below are some simple steps which if you follow, will surely help you to cut down the electricity bills and save a lot of money.

1. Use window caulk along with weather stripes

Both weather stripes and window caulk are cost-efficiency solutions that can be installed with ease. By using these, you can save at least 5% to 10% on your electricity bills. When applying weather stripes, make sure to use them on places that can handle weather changes and friction.

2. Install awnings

If the windows in your house face the south, the awnings are the most suited solution for you. every summer, you will experience that the awnings reduce the heat by at least 65%. On the other hand, the awnings work even better in the west-facing windows, reducing the heat by 77%. Choose awnings that provide coverage for the exterior walls to reduce heat and warmth.

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3. Add shades, blinds and draperies

You can pick any one from the category of shades, blinds and draperies. However, all of them can enhance the energy efficiency of your windows. Besides, if required, you can install a combination of all three as that would prevent more heat loss both in the winter and summer.

4. Apply solar window film on the glass

The power of solar window film is massive as it can prevent 35% of heat and more than 90% UV rays, thereby preventing your home from getting extremely heated up on a summer day. Windows films are available in both permanent and temporary forms. It is your call to pick one that suits your requirements. The amazing fact about solar window films is they are a very cheap solution.


Now that you know how to save your electricity bills, it is time for you to check out those windows whose efficiency you want to increase. Remember, if the window is too old, it will not be possible for you to change it into an energy-efficient one.

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