What Are The Advantages Of Getting Dental Implants?

Dental implants are one of the most in-demand medical procedures. As a result, dentists in the United States install over 5 million dental implants each year, making them a popular and practical tooth replacement alternative. 

In addition, dental implants also provide several advantages that other tooth replacement methods can’t or don’t offer at all. Wonder what it’s like to get flawlessly white teeth without any hassle? 

As we explore the advantages of opting for dental implants, let’s find out. 

Perks Of Opting For Dental Implants

They look and feel like natural teeth:

One of the primary benefits of opting for dental implants in Keller, TX, is the ability to chew again thoroughly. Besides, thanks to the materials used in their manufacturing, implants resemble natural teeth. 

Most patients cannot distinguish between their natural teeth and their implant tooth. However, they can clean their teeth and floss properly while using it and eat normally.

Dental implants prevent further bone loss:

A missing tooth from the jaw bone can result in bone loss due to lack of stimulation. In the first year following tooth loss, the bone around the missing tooth loses 25% of its volume without an implant, and the bone loss continues over time.

When you opt for dentures as a solution, they might become loose with such bone loss, resulting in a wearing of the gum when you brush them regularly. This may result in even faster bone loss. Therefore, when you replace the root of the missing tooth and replace it with an implant, it encourages natural bone formation and allows you to chew normally.

They maintain the stability of adjacent teeth:

Dentist in Keller suggests that a lost tooth might leave a gap, leading to the crooked movement of other teeth in that direction. This causes your teeth to shift out of place and may impact your bite, chewing function, and attractiveness. 

It could impede and make future tooth replacement challenging. In addition, your TMJ (Temporomandibular Joint) may have problems due to a bad bite, which might cause discomfort and headaches. 

Prevent facial sagging and premature aging:

Facial sagging is an uncalled-for side effect of bone loss via tooth loss. Once you lose your teeth results in increased lines around the mouth, a sharper chin, and thinner lips. While it may sound common, these are early indications of early aging.

Once you enter early aging, the bottom part of the face begins to collapse at this point, progressively reducing the space between the chin and the tip of the nose. However, this is where dental implants step in as an effective method to prevent such early-stage sagging. 

Say goodbye to cavities:

Dental implants are constructed of a material that cannot decay, but they still need to be maintained to prevent bacteria from growing in your mouth and causing infections. Therefore, when opting for dental implants, you can stay relaxed so that your teeth won’t ever need to be filled with cavities.

Besides, now that you know the top benefits of opting for dental implants in Keller, TX, let’s look at the common questions when consulting dentists in Keller.

Common Questions Asked Before Opting For Dental Implants?

  1. Can Anyone Get Dental Implants?

    Most people who are healthy enough to undergo a standard oral surgery or extraction are ideal patients for a dental implant. Patients opting for this dental procedure should have sufficient bone and healthy gums to support the implant. 

    They must be dedicated to maintaining proper oral hygiene and attending the dentist regularly. In addition, patients with uncontrolled chronic illnesses, heavy smokers, or undergoing radiation therapy around the head and neck region might need expert suggestions. 

  2. Does Insurance Cover the Cost of Dental Implants?

    Currently, dental insurance only sometimes provides coverage for dental implants. However, coverage under your medical plan may be feasible depending on the type of policy or the primary reason behind tooth loss. 

    Your dentist and insurance provider should be consulted in great detail about your specific needs and how they relate to insurance. However, you must understand that not all medical centers allow treatments on insurance coverage. Therefore, beware of the institution to connect with. 

  3. What Does The Dental Implant Procedure Look Like?

Creating a personalized treatment plan is the first stage in the dental implant procedure. A group of professional dentists creates a plan in restorative dentistry and oral surgery to restore your healthy smile. These professionals assemble a team to get you the best approach. 

The tooth root implant, a small titanium fix, is inserted into the bone socket, replacing the lost tooth. Once the metal fix is placed and your jawbone recovers, it grows to fix it in the jaw firmly. Following the procedure, the recovery time ranges from six to twelve weeks.

Now You Know

Now that you know its perks, would you opt for dental implants to replace your missing teeth?
However, even if you don’t, remember that replacing lost teeth will be more challenging the longer you put it off. So if you’re still unsure which replacement option would be best for you, we suggest you immediately arrange a consultation session with your dentist in Keller.


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