2023 CSM CERTIFICATION RENEWAL: Just 5 Easy Steps Far Away

Renew your CSM certification Renewal and stay ahead in Scrum implementation with expert training. The Certified Scrum Master Certification  has revolutionized enterprise product development, delivering flexibility, responsiveness, alignment, and visibility. Companies want to leverage its benefits throughout their organization, and certified professionals play a critical role in successful Scrum scaling. Upgrade your skills and demonstrate your expertise with a CSM certification renewal.

The Scrum framework has greatly benefited enterprises, enabling them to produce products of the highest caliber while ensuring projects flexibility, responsiveness, alignment, and visibility.

Organizations want to implement Scrum throughout their workforce to reap its benefits. Professionals that have received specialized training in scrum implementation assist in scaling scrums from the team to the organizational level.

There is a high demand for certified Scrum professionals who can contribute their experience to bring about effective agile/scrum transformation since recruiters and companies recognize the value of employing specialists for Agile Scrum transformation.

When a candidate passes the Certified Scrum Master (CSM) exam and demonstrates proficiency in putting Scrum’s concepts and procedures into practice, they are awarded the entry-level credential by the Scrum Alliance. 

A CSM-certified professional can succeed in the function of a Scrum Master by providing the team with a setting that encourages excellence in innovation and helps the team reach its full potential.

What justifies a CSM certification renewal?


Scrum’s roles are always changing, much like Scrum itself! The job of a Scrum Master has grown significantly during the organization’s adoption of Scrum. The decisions made by the Scrum Master get done in half of the time and regarding all things Scrum can assist the corporation in realizing the advantages of scrum implementation, such as contented clients and high-quality goods.

The organizations that issue Scrum and Agile certifications update them frequently to take into account advancements and improvements made to the technology they cover. This enables credential holders to stay up to date on new developments and changes and to adopt best practices.

Renewing or maintaining your certification shows that you are dedicated to staying current with changes in the field and that you are capable of handling duties that have a practical application.

For CSM holders who maintain their certification by timely renewing it, Scrum Alliance offers special privileges. These consist of:

Exclusive access to a collection of priceless tools, including a premium Comparative Agility subscription worth $299 per year and the Personal Improvement (PI) tool from the company.

Access to industry-leading coaching, resources, and training allows for regular curriculum revisions. You can make use of Scrum Alliance materials, educational webinars, training, and chances to volunteer at Scrum events to earn Scrum Education Units (SEUs)

Join over 150 Scrum user groups across the world in 32 different nations to network and profit from online learning and community sharing.

Additional benefits of maintaining your CSM® certification include:

  • Validate your knowledge, talents, and expertise once more in all areas. Scrum
  • Recertify your abilities with Scrum Alliance, the most significant Agile certification body.
  • Set yourself out from your contemporaries who lack certification.
  • Improve your chances of employment
  • Boost your potential for income
  • Demonstrate your dedication to unwavering greatness
  • Make use of it as a stepping stone to higher-level scrum master qualifications.
  • Access resources, training, and coaching to keep your badge active and publicize your accomplishments.

Prepared to renew? Requirements for Renewal

To maintain your CSM certification and keep it safe from expiring, you should renew it. You may demonstrate your ongoing dedication to Scrum and your organization by doing this.

Your CSM credential must be renewed every two years, and you can do so by acquiring Scrum Education Units® (SEUs) and paying the renewal fee.

Scrum Educational Units, or SEUs, are a way to show that you’re still dedicated to the Scrum community. You must acquire 20 SEU credits every two years to maintain your CSM certification. There are numerous ways to gain SEUs, including the following:

  • Taking part in a community webinar
  • Taking part in volunteer work connected to Scrum.
  • Taking part in regional user groups
  • Participating in a global or regional Scrum Gathering
  • Writing about Agile/Scrum. producing a blog post, an article, or a white paper.
  • Enhancing your knowledge by studying a Scrum/Agile book.

Renewal Fee

The Certified ScrumMaster certification has a $100 renewal fee. Since Scrum Alliance is a nonprofit organization, a percentage of the renewal price goes toward supporting User Groups and community programs all over the world.

Within six months after the expiration date, you can renew your CSM certificate by paying the money and logging the SEUs you’ve earned.

How do I update my CSM certification?

You must renew your CSM credential anytime within six months of its expiration to keep your certification in good standing. By doing the following, you can renew your certification:

Step 1: Access your Scrum Alliance account.

Step 2: Select the “certification dashboard.”

Step 3: Scroll down to the “Actions” window and click the renewal link.

Step 4: Submit all of the SEUs required for renewal. SEUs are divided into the following groups: Learning, Events, Volunteering, and Others.

Step 5: Pay the $100 renewal charge.

By taking additional Scrum Alliance certification courses, Scrum Alliance additionally assists you in automatically extending the expiration date of your CSM certification. For instance, if your CSM expires on June 9, 2021, and you enroll in an A-CSM course on January 5, 2021, your original CSM will be extended by two years, ending on January 5, 2023, along with your A-CSM.


Updating your certifications supports Scrum communities around the world and helps all practitioners advance their Scrum journeys.

By keeping you updated with Scrum and offering you the chance to explore and learn more through the many activities involved in earning the Scrum Education Units, renewing your CSM offers you a full host of advantages.

Success in your Scrum career depends on maintaining your CSM certification and staying in touch with Scrum experts around the world.

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