5 Ways to Ethically Dispose of Your E-Waste

The UN Global E-Waste Monitor has reported that the materials are expected to increase to 75 million metric tons in 2030. This can be quite harmful to the environment and have long-term effects on health as well. Due to the threat of toxins and pollution, it has become incredibly amount to dispose of e-waste securely and reduce it.

The problem with electronic items is that they are difficult to discard or throw away. It is likely that any old or used computers which you may have given away ended up as a landfill. With each year, there are a lot of people who upgrade their gadgets and dispose of the previous ones.

In order to reduce e-waste, you need to make sure that it is disposed of ethically. Here are a few ways that you can try!

  1. Sell Used Equipment Online

This can help you ethically dispose of your e-waste and prevent a lot of electronics from going to landfills. You can sell your used laptops online at a given price and get cash in return. There are quite a few credible platforms that ask for details about the device to decide upon a quote or estimate. It can be quite useful for companies or offices that are looking to recycle their e-waste in bulk and safely. Organizations can easily sell old laptops in bulk and get a good price as well.

By doing so, both corporations and individuals can get rid of their e-waste responsibly. If you sell your old and used laptop, you can use the cash for a newer model or invest in the latest technology. This also applies to smartphones and iPads which are tricky to dispose of and usually add to the increasing e-waste across the globe.

  1. Find a Certified Recycling Center

It is one of the best ways to dispose of e-waste securely and ethically. There are quite a few harmful elements such as lead, mercury and cadmium which may be released into the environment from various electronic waste. They can also result in serious health problems among both adults and children. Recycling can not only prevent the harm to land, rivers and oceans but also make it easier for people to avoid toxic materials.

You can look for a recycling center or facility near your location and drop all old or used gadgets instead of throwing them away. Make sure that it is certified by the authorities and has the equipment to dispose of the e-waste responsibly. It’s also a good idea to do a quick search for recycling companies in your area and

  1. Look For Trade-In Programs

Before you consider giving away the gadgets or accessories, search for a reliable trade-in program to dispose of them ethically. Corporations such as Dell, Lenovo, Apple, Microsoft and Amazon offer store credit or a gift cards for a functional device. If the smartphone or laptop is an older model that is not listed on the website, you can opt for recycling.

These trade-in programs also have facilities or centers where people can drop off their devices to dispose of them safely. Otherwise, you can avail the free shipping option to send the old computer or device for recycling, cash or a gift card. In case, there is any confusion about the device or model, you can always contact a customer support representatives or check out the web page for more information.

  1. Donate Used Gadgets or Equipment

It is a good idea to donate any old computer or laptop which is in good condition and runs smoothly to schools, institutions or those in need. This way, you do not have to throw away the machines or used equipment and add to the e-waste. Search for organizations or associations where you can donate electronics easily and help out youngsters and students who may not be able to afford computers or laptops.

There is also the option of refurbishing an old device if it’s too slow or has been damaged. By donating a functional laptop or tablet, you can play an important role in making technology accessible to everyone and dispose of electronics ethically.

  1. Use or Sell for Parts

You might be surprised to find out that electronics that have been discarded can still prove to be quite useful. Some people, particularly those who invest in gaming equipment, can remove certain parts such as the RAM or hard drive from their old computers to build a new one. The accessories or equipment can also be sold separately.

If you are thinking of ways to dispose of the e-waste ethically, consider selling the old machines for parts. It is also a good idea to use them on a different device or save an important one for later.


To Sum Up

These are some ways that you can ethically dispose of your e-waste. Try following a few of them to reduce the harm to the environment and rising landfills which lead to toxic chemicals leaking into lakes or rivers.


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