6 simple tools to optimize small business management

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I know that in the management of small businesses, it is usually necessary for the entrepreneur to unfold in numerous roles. Publicize the business; attract more customers; relate to them; take care of finances; of projects and employees; are just a few of the many tasks. Technology is definitely an excellent ally to make everyday life easier and the internet is undoubtedly where practically everything happens. Despite this, it is not always possible to have software for each management area.

This is because of the need for financial investments and for requiring the presence of trained professionals to use the technological resources offered. I don’t say that to scare you, quite the opposite. I think it is essential that, as an entrepreneur, you are successful in the virtual environment. And this can be a lot easier than it really seems. There are currently several tools that can optimize functions and you should make the most of them.

Today I’m going to show you some simple tools that can make a huge difference in your company’s processes and administration. Check it out below:

Google Calendar

Google’s free online agenda and calendar service has as its main objective to facilitate and optimize the daily activities of the user, who can easily add appointments and events. With the tool, you can attach files to events, receive reminders by cell phone or email, share your own schedule with others and access aggregated agendas. In addition to all its features, it is worth mentioning that Google calendar is a very reliable and secure system, which has features to protect the information added.

Google Analytics

Having a website is not enough, it is essential to monitor its results so that adjustments can be made whenever necessary, so that it is effective in its goals. This tool is a free service offered by Google to monitor the results of a website. Through a code, placed on the page to be monitored, data such as display rate, geographic location of visitors and user profile are sent to the owner.

Knowing these statistics is extremely important to know who your audience is and to tailor your page to the needs of these consumers. In addition to allowing the evaluation of sales and conversions, the tool points out how users arrive at the site (either directly through the address, through the search engine, through links from other sites or AdSense) and how they use the page.

Google Maps

A well-known tool. The Google maps service can be used by a company, even without having a website, to show information such as opening hours, address and contact. By registering your company’s address on Google, the map points out the best way to get there. The advantage of this register is that it will not only serve to facilitate routes from customers to the company, but also serve to suggest the same when someone searches in the region. There is also Google maps for Work, which makes it possible to embed maps in applications and websites.


Currently, social networks have been the main option for interaction between companies and customers, however, it is not simple to maintain several active profiles. To make it easier, there are tools that assist in the posting process and allow an analysis of audience interaction. Essential for improving a brand’s online performance. HootSuite is a well-known system for managing brands on social media. Used to optimize the user’s time, who will be able to more easily manage their profiles on different social networks and improve the performance of their publications.


When it comes to developing a relationship with customers, email remains a very effective way. Email marketing is a powerful direct marketing tool. Unlike spam, especially since it works with customer consent and offers the option for anyone to unsubscribe at any time. One of the best known tools for its effectiveness, when it comes to email marketing, is Mailchimp, which allows the user to create and send campaigns simply and quickly. It is a platform where the company receives applications from potential customers, can send emails in high volume and even promote sales. The tool allows for the management of all registered contacts and automated triggering of emails to the list.

Financial Spreadsheets

The task of controlling the company’s finances is one of the most complicated, especially for those who have no experience in the area. In addition, the financial health of a company dictates the functioning of all areas. Therefore, it is not possible to make any decision without knowing if the resources allow it. It is essential that all financial transactions are recorded. Spreadsheets have always been used; from the simplest to the most elaborate. There are some resources that help when dealing with cash flow and I will mention here three spreadsheet options.

  • Basic cash flow: indicated for those who have no experience in the accounting area. The tool’s main objective is to facilitate the management of values ​​that enter and leave the company. They help in estimating the evolution of input and output. Thus, they facilitate the analysis of the company’s break-even point.
  • Results projection worksheet: developed to assist the individual entrepreneur. The tool is for total control of the company’s accounts and cash flow.
  • Zero-based budget: indicated for companies that have at least one year of operation. The tool allows the entrepreneur to visualize what are the main expenses of the company; set cutting targets; eliminate superfluous and prioritize fundamental costs.

It’s great to be able to count on so many tools that facilitate processes that would be much more complicated and time-consuming, if it weren’t for technology in our favor, isn’t it? In addition to enjoying the resources offered by them in managing small businesses, such as practicality and organization; you optimize your time and gain information that would be difficult to measure.

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