7 Top Rated Adventures in Santiago

Santiago is one of the world’s best known travel destinations and the place offers various mountain ranges, volcanic landscapes and deserts which makes it stand out from the crowd. Santiago is an epitome of beauty and is a famous travel destination in America. If you are looking for a place where you can experience the most wonderful Adventures then Santiago is the choice. Book Spirit Airlines to reach your travel destination and experience the best adventures.

List of 7 Top Rated Adventures in Santiago:

There are various outdoor activities that can satisfy the adventurous mind available in Santiago. We will also mention why flying Spirit Airlines is beneficial for the trip. Check out the complete list and make a note so that you can enjoy all the adventurous sports the next time you visit Santiago.


This is one of the most known sports and specially for people who love beaches then Kitesurfing should be tried. For people who have never surfed before, a training session is provided at Pupuya which is 3 hours away from Santiago and you can experience the wildest Adventures with the professional instructors.

Experiencing Mountain Climbing-

Santiago is known for its beautiful mountain landscapes and if you are planning to visit during October and December then you must try this adventure. There are various mountains where hiking is usually allowed such as Mount san valentin and Volcan Lanin.


For the snow lovers, skiing is the best option if they want to do something adventurous in Santiago. The adventure sport is optimal for winter weather and there are some places where beginners as well as the experts can give it a try. There are professional exports present there who can provide training for those who are going to try for the first time.

Head for Trekking-

For travelers who love tracking and planning to travel in November till February it is must that they pack their luggage according to the tracking trip as this is the best time of the year when they can go for track on the hills and mountains. The trekking can be long for approximately 10 days and it is advisable that you carry enough trekking boots and clothes with you.

Enjoy Sandboarding-

If you are planning to visit the Atacama Desert, then one should definitely try Sandboarding. The place is known as one of the driest places on the earth and with multiple trainings up and down the sand dunes you will enjoy and have fun ascending and descending down the dunes.

Visit Cajon del Maipo-

The places famous for The hills, estuaries and rivers along with hot springs. The place is an ideal picnic spot and for the travelers the place is best for thermal baths which are perfectly aligned with the mountain environment. The waters present there are known to have healing properties and provide relief from ailments and enable purification of toxins.

Visit Cachagua Island-

The Island is famous for penguins and comes under the world heritage listed City. The tour is suitable for private groups of up to 4 people and the travelers will have to arrange a private board trip to Cachagua Island. Furthermore, people will also know about Humboldt Penguins present in the Island.

How to Book Spirit Airlines for a trip to Santiago?

Santiago is one of the most loved adventure destinations among people and for those looking out to visit Santiago should book tickets from Spirit Airlines where they will find much cheaper flight rates in comparison to other carriers. With Spirit Airlines you get the best flight deals and by choosing your desired travel date, you can easily book your tickets with the Airlines and take advantage of all the perks given by the airline.


The next time you plan to visit Santiago, try planning the trip with Spirit Flights and enjoy huge discounts and offers given by the carrier. Santiago is known for its scenic beauty with huge varieties of activities and attractions. The place is definitely worth visiting and what more flying options you need other than Spirit Airlines. Go through the Spirit Airlines Check In Online process and plan your trip accordingly.


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