8 Tips to Overcome Imposter Syndrome and Succeed at Work

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Beyond defining what impostor syndrome is and its main causes, it is important for us to give some advice that will help you eradicate it. Performing well at work is important, but that doesn’t mean enduring huge loads of stress on a daily basis . ?

That’s why take note of the following tips. Perhaps you do not get to the point of naming it impostor syndrome, however, if you feel that you are on the verge?, we will tell you how to avoid it. Keep reading!

1. Trust your performance

The number one key to getting rid of impostor syndrome is to trust your performance. You’ve worked hard to improve your resume and have an interesting track record:

  • You have studied for years. ?
  • You have been awarded for various achievements. ?
  • You have developed important skills . ?
  • You moved to another country. ?
  • You have overcome great challenges in your life. ?

➡️ But do you still have doubts when they tell you that your performance is very good? Trust the way , believe and value that the tasks you have done give you a personal touch that no one could have done better.

It’s not bad to see the mistakes you make at work , in the end, they help you improve. But falling to the extreme and not admitting that you have done your best can encourage the syndrome of fraud.

2. Accept praise and recognition

One of the most important incentives in a job is that others recognize our achievements. Suffering from impostor syndrome, the ability to receive praise is impossible.

It is important to realize if you are one of those people who, although they are told that everything is more than perfect, do not believe it. Learn to accept praise! ? Do a self-analysis and if you think you did your best, then applaud yourself. To this extent you will be happier with what you do. ✅

3. Recognize that you have done very well

Following on from the previous point, not only is the recognition of others important. The most important thing is that you yourself accept that triumph and you can enjoy it. ✅

All of us move motivated by goals to meet. And, in doing so, we feel an enormous satisfaction to achieve. ? So, recognize when you have reached the goal and, why not, celebrate it big!

4. Take occupational hazards

To grow you have to take risks . People who suffer from impostor syndrome , deep down, feel fear. ➡️ And, just like when you were little, the best way to disappear the monster under the bed was by looking, because in this case it’s the same: take a risk.

Forget the idea that others expect something from you and seek to be authentic. Bet on proposing new ideas at work? To that extent, you will feel that you deserve the recognition. ? But not only that: you will grow in your work and you will stand out in everything you set out to do.

5. Ask for incentives at work

➡️ Although the money you earn is used to pay bills and enjoy life, like saving for trips . So if you think you’ve done well and need a break, but without having to quit your job , you can ask for a raise or days off.

Is it important to ask for compensation that allows us to see our professional value ? In this way, in addition to having compensation for our performance, we will put aside doubts and feel satisfied with the goals we have achieved at work.

6. Trust what you do and enjoy

There comes a point where we have broken down a cold sweat, we have dropped many balls and put many goals in the basket… Now it is time to enjoy the work , to see in perspective how much has been achieved and feel satisfied?

It’s not for nothing that you’ve been with the same company for so long. That’s because your employers have realized your personal and professional value . So feel confident that you are doing things right, because you are. ✅

7. Remember that your value is unique

At the beginning we talked about some possible causes of impostor syndrome, and one of them was the comparisons —perhaps at an unconscious level— that sometimes arise with parents.

In reality, it is absurd to expect that two different people achieve the same things. Differences and diversity enrich the world , so embrace the aspects that make you unique and appreciate them.

In the end, this will be the extra ingredient that you contribute to your work and give you a differential value. ?

8. Drop the high standards of self-demand

A very important point, and that we do not want to leave aside, has to do with self-demand. While it’s important to move forward, grow, and perform better, we have to be careful not to set the bar too high for ourselves .

➡️ What we want to get to is that limitless self-demand can trigger perpetual dissatisfaction and prevent you from seeing when you’ve reached your goals. Or worse yet, that you won’t be able to enjoy them.

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