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Galapagos, part of Ecuador, is undoubtedly the most unique eco-tourism location we know of. This archipelago should be at the top of every traveler’s to-do list.

Have you thought about planning a green vacation, whether you’re just daydreaming or about to book your next big trip? Despite a slow but steady start over a decade ago, eco-tourism has recently acquired worldwide steam as more and more people want to go to environmentally friendly locations. It encourages measures such as constructing non-intrusive pathways, reducing the number of tourists, restricting motor vehicle access, and utilizing renewable energy to save local flora, animals, and ways of life.

More and more places are making efforts to become sustainable tourism destinations, and as a result, tourists are looking for ways to lessen their impact on the sites they visit. It includes purchasing carbon offsets when flying, staying at eco-friendly hotels, and taking tours organized by locals instead of large tour companies.

Destination: the Galapagos

At one time, these islands were not precisely what the sustainable tourist industry looked like. Overcrowding and poorly organized tourists almost destroyed the Galapagos Islands a little over a decade ago. UNESCO’s 2007 “in danger” listing of the islands was a catalyst for positive development on the island chain.

This group of islands is one of the world’s best destinations for eco-tourism. There are restrictions on the number of tourists allowed into protected areas, and sometimes a fee is charged to fund conservation efforts.

The unique flora and wildlife of the Galapagos Islands make them a once-in-a-lifetime eco-tourism destination. You may swim alongside sharks, sea turtles, sea lions, and more in the safe seas around the islands. You can rest confident that your park fees are helping to maintain the islands’ natural splendor and support the scientific investigation.

Dominical, Costa Rica

When a country sets aside one-fourth of its territory for national parks, reserves, and conservation zones, you know it takes eco-tourism seriously. Imagine if the whole East Coast of the United States was a national park!

Since most of these areas in the 1970s, companies have flourished in a climate that appreciates and promotes preservation. At the same time, tourists can enjoy their USA to India Flight Deals travels in a more environmentally responsible manner. You may take in the splendor of the country’s lush jungle during a canopy walk in Costa Rica. You’ll be able to see rare species of flora and animals without disturbing the local wildlife.

Costa Rica is a must-visit if you’re looking for a green holiday spot. Beaches, volcanoes, and a wide variety of wildlife contribute to Costa Rica’s reputation as an authoritarian nation. One-fourth of Costa Rica comprises national parks and reserves, where all kinds of monkeys, birds, and frogs call home. The country is home to both fascinating cloud forests and stunning rainforests.

You can see a genuine appreciation for nature wherever you go. Hotels and resorts around the nation are participating in the ICT’s Certificate of Sustainable Tourism (CST) program and providing environmentally friendly eco-tourism to treat their guests with the utmost care.

Resorts and hotels have been more environmentally conscious in recent years. Many now provide organic cuisine, decorate their grounds with tropical plants and flowers, and recycle and reduce waste. Day and evening nature treks, whitewater rafting, tours of the coffee area, encounters with the white-faced Capuchin monkeys, birdwatching, and trips to the thermal hot springs are just some of the eco-tourism activities available in Costa Rica. It is preferable to visit Costa Rica during the dry season between the middle of December and the beginning of April.


The local philosophy is called malamaaina, which means taking care of the land to nourish you. Hawaii is a popular eco-tourism destination because visitors may go on a farm tour to witness how vital products like coffee and taro are grown. In addition, there are trips where guests may help reforest the area and restore the local vegetation.

There are several eco-friendly places to stay, some of which are solar-powered and supply well water. Oahu’s Mauna Lani Bay Hotel & Bungalows runs a sea turtle rehabilitation program with Sea Life Park.


Sustainable tourism is crucial to the survival of Colombia’s Lost City, which was around the year 800 AD. No neighboring airport is available. Highways don’t connect to that area. There are no railroad lines for transporting guests. A five-day trek can only reach these forest-hidden remains through the bush.

Nature preserves, stunning beaches, and the Amazon rainforest are just a few of the eco-tourism hotspots that draw visitors to Colombia (beyond the famed Lost City). Bogota has closed roads to vehicles every Sunday and constructed a system of bike paths around the city that has received widespread acclaim.

It will be one of the most excellent eco-tourism locations in 2020 because of the abundance of environmentally friendly trekking, camping trips, and eco-accommodations on renewable energy and other green practices.


Many Americans choose Costa Rica over Panama while traveling to Central America. Since 2015, the government has adopted the Green Tourism Plan of Panama to become a sustainable eco-tourism destination. This program offers routes and sites for individuals seeking an adventure trip. The views of Panama are spectacular whether you want to trek or fly over the treetops on a zipline.

Look for lodgings that use solar energy and provide all their services and supplies inside the area. These lodgings may also directly benefit one of the seven indigenous tribes, allowing you to directly impact the lives of locals while assisting them in the upkeep of their houses.


All visitors entering Micronesia must sign a guarantee on their passports. The pledge’s official seal says, “Children of Palau, they swear as your guests to protect and defend your lovely island home.” Having guests sign a vow encourages them to act as responsible tourists while in town.

In order to preserve the abundant marine life around the islands. Its seas are shielded from shark fishing for the first time, thanks to a shark sanctuary.


Establishing a booming eco-tourism economy requires government backing for environmentally conscious tourists. Perhaps this is more evident than in the tiny Buddhist country of Bhutan. Located between India and China in the Himalayas, this kingdom has kept to itself for generations, opting for closed borders and not even allowing  Tickets from India to USA  travelers to enter.

Things began to change when the government of Bhutan first let tourists into the country in 1974. There were just 287 visitors in the first year. In contrast, that figure almost doubled to 275,000 in 2018. The government is committed to limiting the influx of visitors to a manageable level; therefore, tourists may only come on a prearranged, paid-for excursion. Because of this, almost all of the money stays in this peaceful and picturesque mountain nation.

Wildlife parks are home to rare animals, including the Himalayan black bear, takin, red panda, and Tibetan wolf, while historical sites are a must-see for any history buff.


Marrakech’s Jemaael-Fnaa night market and the city’s winding medinas are two of Morocco’s most famous attractions. In contrast, the peaceful Atlas Mountains and the Sahara Desert are within a few hours’ drive to the east.

Due to limited light pollution and the chance to meet residents with centuries-old habits, this place is a top eco-tourism attraction.

Most tour guides in the region are North and West African Berbers. Local activities like camel treks and desert camping help reinvest in local communities.

Besides, a photograph atop a camel in the Sahara is something everyone wants.

Most camping sites have stringent rules to safeguard the environment, so you can relax beneath the stars knowing that you’re just taking home memories and not any trace of your visit.

Alternative volunteer opportunities include working with local coffee farmers committed to sustainable agriculture or helping with sea turtle conservation efforts.


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