Adultery and Divorce as per Divorce Lawyer in Mississauga

Do you want to terminate your marriage because your spouse has an extramarital affair? Do you want to know whether adultery is one of the grounds for divorce in Mississauga? We are going to help you find that out via this post, as per a divorce lawyer in Mississauga. Besides, a divorce or a Mississauga family lawyer will tell you that adultery is one of the grounds for divorce. 

However, the concept of adultery in Mississauga and throughout Canada is somewhat intricate. In order to get a divorce on the grounds of adultery in Mississauga, there are some requirements to be met. Moreover, we are going to help you understand the concept of adultery as a grounds for divorce in Canada. In addition, we shall tell you how adultery impacts the divorce process in Mississauga.

Impact of Adultery on Divorce in Mississauga  

You need to prove that your spouse has committed adultery to file for a divorce on the bases of adultery. You will need to prove that your spouse has a physical or sexual relationship with another individual. However, you do not need to identify the other individual. If you know the name of that individual, the person should receive an application and may choose to respond.

Further, if the divorcing spouse can prove only a single act of adultery, it is sufficient for getting a divorce. Additionally, the courts can grant a divorce on the bases of adultery, irrespective of the length of the affair. At the same time, adultery must occur before you file an application for divorce.

Is Suspecting Your Spouse of Adultery Sufficient? What Do Divorce Lawyers Will Tell You About It? 

Only suspecting your spouse of adultery is not enough to prove your claim. You must provide the court with proof that your spouse has cheated you. Besides, a spouse who wishes to file for divorce must provide conclusive evidence of the extramarital affair. You must prove your claim to represent a violation of your marital relationship. 

Moreover, proving adultery does not mean you should catch your spouse red-handed. Plus, you also do not need to provide tangible physical proof of the extramarital affair, such as pictures. A court can come up with a reasonable conclusion of adultery if the court gets the proof of adultery. Nonetheless, the court won’t consider adultery as mere suspicion of an affair. It is what a divorce lawyer in Mississauga will tell you about how adultery impacts divorce in the region.

What Happens When Adulterous Spouse Admits of an Adultery? 

If an adulterous spouse admits of an adultery or the third party who had an affair with the spouse back the allegations, it is sufficient evidence. Nevertheless, cases entailing adultery and divorce in Mississauga are intricate to litigate. For the same reason, it is important that you hire a divorce lawyer for the right guidance and advice.

Is Cheating over the WWW (World Wide Web) Adultery in Mississauga?

Nowadays, divorce cases entailing cheating over the WWW have become rife. Typically, interaction over the phone or the internet does not fall into adultery in Mississauga. A court will consider adultery only if it takes place as a physical or sexual relationship between a spouse and an individual outside the marriage. Sexual activities on the phone are not adultery, in general, according to the Divorce Act.

Things You Should Consider to File or Divorce on the Basis of Adultery

You should know that courts always endeavour to focus on the resolution in a divorce proceeding. Courts do not try to focus on fault and blame. Further, blaming the adulterous spouses does not weaken their rights to property or parenting. However, courts in a divorce make a decision, that is, in the best interests of the children.

Further, a divorce case may take longer to conclude on the grounds of adultery. It is specifically true if the case requires a full hearing. Additionally, spouses who have lived separately for a year or more can have a lawyer draft a separation agreement. Furthermore, spouses can use a separation agreement as the basis for the divorce claim.  

How Does Adultery Affect Divorce Settlement?

It is important to know that divorce on the grounds of adultery has no impact on support. Things such as spousal/child support and property division are all no-fault. It means you won’t be entitled to any more alimony, nor will you pay more if you cheat on your spouse in Mississauga and end your marriage. However, it is possible to sue the individual who has an extramarital affair with your spouse. Still, you cannot make a claim against the person for intervening with your marriage.


Adultery is one of the grounds for divorce in Canada. It is also what a divorce lawyer in Mississauga will tell you. However, a court can only grant your divorce on the bases of adultery if you prove your claim. A court cannot grant you a divorce only if you suspect your spouse of adultery. Further, cheating over the internet or phone does not fall into adultery. Lastly, divorce on the grounds of adultery does not impact divorce settlements, such as support and property division.

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