Must-Have Tools for Cell Phone Repair in Vancouver

You may visit a smartphone repair shop in Vancouver when your smartphone encounters a problem to fix the issue. Further, you may also see technicians using specific tools for cell phone repair in Vancouver. You may also notice that tools that technicians use for phone repairs allow them to fix broken smartphones fast. Phone repair technicians have to use specific tools for successful phone repairs. Besides, a cell phone repair business cannot flourish if technical do not deploy the right tools for phone repairs. Moreover, we are going to tell you about the must-have tools that professionals need for successful phone repairs.

Must-Have Tools for Phone Repairs 

The following are the tools that smartphone users must-have for phone repairs:

Nylon Spudger:

Nylon Spudger is a repair tool made of fibreglass material. Plus, it differs in thickness, contingent on the manufacturer who makes it. You can use this tool in different variations, such as prying cell phone parts apart. Further, you can use it to scrape adhesive or extra silicone. Or you may use it for soldering. Typically, it is 5 to 7 inches long, and it is also a very handy repair tool.

Curved Tweezers with Fine Tips:

Phone repair technicians cannot pick thing phone parts without tweezers. For the same reason, curved tweezers with fine tips prove to be a handy tool for phone repair technicians. It is a handy tool for technicians to pick up tiny screws and phone components. You can prudently remove the tape, reset flex tables, and release connections with tweezers having fine tips. Taking apart complex components becomes easier for phone repair technicians with tweezers.

Screwdriver Kit:

A special screwdriver is a requirement for dismantling a smartphone for repair. Technicians need a screwdriver, even for unscrewing the Pentalobe screws of iPhones. Further, a single screwdriver is not enough for phone repairs. In addition, different phones have screws of different sizes. By the same token, phone repair technicians need a full repair kit for phone repairs. 

Plastic Triangle Opening Tool:

Opening a cell phone may seem easy; however, it is not. Phone repair technicians use the plastic triangle opening tool to open cell phones. It is a tool, with each corner of it having prying abilities. What makes this tool special is its unique feature that helps technicians safely install replacement parts.

ProtectionPro Kit:

You may use a cell phone for which you may fail to find the right screen protector. Nonetheless, there are special tools available to cut a screen protector to customize it for your cell phone. It is what the ProtectionPro kit does that phone repair technicians use to double their income.

Precision Knife Set:

The Precision knife set is another handy tool that professionals use for cell phone repair in Vancouver. It is a multi-purpose repair tool with durable metal handles with options of six blades. Technicians use its blades for scraping old and dirty adhesive inside phones and tablets. Additionally, its precision knife allows technicians to cut small strips of the two-sided adhesive during screen repairs.

Anti-Static Brush:

Repair technicians use an anti-static brush to clean cell phones properly once they open them. They use it because random brushes for cleaning can damage the circuitry.

Suction Cup Pliers:

Technicians need suction cup pliers to pry open the display of iPhones. They attach one suction cup at the back and the other at the front to detach the display from smartphones. Besides, suction cup pliers help repair technicians save time on repairs.

Magnetic Mat:

Magnet mats allow technicians to keep small phone parts and loose screws in place. They also come with separate boxes to help technicians organize parts and track them.

Magnifying Glass:

Magnifying glass is a special tool that technicians need to see each tiny detail on a phone circuit board. It helps technicians take a closer look at a circuit board to identify and fix phone issues.

Desk Lamp:

A desk lamp in a phone repair shop allows technicians to analyze broken devices and tiny repair parts. It lets technicians do their job easily without stress on their eyes.

Soldering Iron:

Last but not least, a soldering iron is a must-have repair tool to solder tiny pieces of phones, such as a microphone and a diode. The ideal soldering irons that repair technicians use have soldering bits and tips. Further, technicians pick anti-static soldering irons as electronic parts can malfunction if static is present.

These are twelve must-have repair tools for successful phone repairs. Moreover, repair tools that professionals use makes their job of phone repairs safe and efficient.

To Finish

Phone repair technicians need the right tools for successful phone repairs and to run their business lucratively. Lastly, the following are twelve must-have tools that technicians use for cell phone repair in Vancouver:

  1. Nylon Spudger
  2. Curved Tweezers with Fine Tips
  3. Screwdriver Kit
  4. Plastic Triangle Opening Tool
  5. ProtectionPro Kit
  6. Precision Knife Set
  7. Anti-Static Brush
  8. Suction Cup Pliers
  9. Magnetic Mat
  10. Magnifying Glass
  11. Desk Lamp
  12. Soldering Iron

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