Air shower cleanroom design, benefits and functionalities in micro-precision manufacturing units.

Cleanroom air showers are closed chambers in laboratories, research centres and other controlled environments. The ultimate aim of air showers is to mitigate particle contamination at the entryway of the cleanrooms. These air showers will make use of high-pressure air to remove dust. The air undergoes HEPA filtration and removes all microscopic contaminants from the object and person. Air shower cleanroom is a must for units that deal with drug research and production, in research laboratories, spray painting units, food production industries etc.

Air shower cleanrooms are chambers present strategically at the entrances of cleanrooms. It scrubs people and objects with high-velocity air at the speed of 18 to 30 m/s. It also draws dirty air through the base of the unit. The unit again filters and recirculates the air into the system.


  1. What are the benefits of using cleanroom air showers in facilities?

The air shower cleanroom helps with easy entry and exit of personnel in a sterile environment. As it renders an exceptional scrubbing effect of high-velocity air, it helps reduce particulate matter and surface contaminants. It also prevents potential cross-contamination and improves the integrity of the cleanroom.

Air shower cleanroom design and functionalities:

The ultimate aim of air shower cleanrooms is to effectively and quickly remove the particulate matter in the air before entering the cleanroom. These air showers have high airflow with very high velocity so as to remove contaminants in seconds. The air shower rooms will have entrance and exit doors. And we can operate only door at a time. Workers should enter from one side and exit at the opposite door. Air shower manufacturers make sure that when the door opens, the other door’s magnet activates and doesn’t open.

Air shower cleanrooms will generally have steel exteriors with cleanroom-compatible finish. As they are put into use in pharmaceutical, research and other wet environments, clean room manufacturers manufacture them in stainless steel. The nozzles of these clean rooms send about 7800 feet per minute of high-velocity air that circulates at the speed of 1900 cubic feet per minute.

How does an air shower cleanroom work?

The air showers will be at the entrances of cleanrooms and follow multiple steps in the process of surface decontamination. The working specification of the air shower cleanroom is as follows.

  • When an individual pass through the entry door, the air shower’s sensor will activate its interlock magnets. The interlock magnets with lock the air shower and the cleanroom doors.
  • The numerous nozzles present inside the clean room will blow high-velocity class-100 air over the individual. The air will undergo filtration treatment before coming to use in cleanrooms.
  • The high-velocity air will create a flapping effect and a scrubbing action of the clothes of the individual. Thus, it removes pathogens and other particulates from their cleanroom garments.
  • To make sure that the de-contamination process is done completely, the person will raise their arms and rotate in their place within the air-shower clean room.
  • There will be an indicator that signals the completion of the cleaning cycle.
  • The door of the cleanroom then opens, and the individual can come out.

Benefits of air shower cleanrooms:

The air shower cleanrooms are of great significance in maintaining an environment free from particulate contamination. Air shower manufacturers engineer them to the highest industrial standards with exceptional configuration. These energy-efficient units help enhance the quality of equipment and other products to a great extent.

The other shell of the air shower is generally of stainless or painted steel. The blower system renders high volumes of air to decontaminate equipment and personnel. As its doors operate hydraulically with magnetic locks, they offer exceptional safety. Air shower manufacturers ensure that its filters and pre-filters have zero leaks and have a tight seal. Some of this cleanroom equipment also have touchscreen controls to enhance their ease of use.  

Bottom Line:

The air shower cleanrooms are at the entrance of cleanroom operations and are great in removing contaminants and particulates on products and personnel. These mitigate the contamination of work areas and are of many types, such as two, three, four and five-unit cleanroom showers. They find extensive application in the pharmaceuticals, biomedical, microelectronics, aerospace and precision manufacturing industries.


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