Corruption Allegations Against Commissioner Rawalpindi Division

he Resignation and the Scandal

Commissioner Lakht Ali Chatha has resigned from his position amidst allegations of election fraud. The scandal involved a significant loss of 70,700 votes, which were manipulated to favor a particular candidate. Mr. Chatha, in a statement, admitted his responsibility for the defeat and handed himself over to the police. This incident sheds light on the widespread use of fake ballot papers in our country.

The Role of the Chief Election Commission

The Chief Election Commission also bears some responsibility in this matter. The commissioner claims that he was forced to tamper with the election in the Ravalpindi Division. However, the Election Commission has promptly ordered an inquiry into the allegations and is determined to get to the bottom of this issue. They have formed a high-level committee to conduct a thorough investigation.

The Importance of a Fair Election Process

Free and fair elections are the cornerstone of a democratic society. The recent events have highlighted the need for a robust election system that is immune to corruption and manipulation. It is crucial for the Election Commission to root out any wrongdoing and restore public trust in the electoral process.

The Consequences of Election Fraud

Election fraud has severe consequences for the democratic fabric of a nation. When people’s votes are manipulated and their voices suppressed, it undermines the very essence of democracy. It is the duty of the Election Commission and law enforcement agencies to ensure that such incidents are thoroughly investigated and those responsible are held accountable.

A Demand for Transparency

The people of Punjab are demanding transparency in the investigation. They want the Election Commission to provide a detailed report on the inquiry and take appropriate action against any individuals involved in the scandal. The credibility of future elections is at stake, and it is crucial for the authorities to address these concerns promptly.


The resignation of Commissioner Lakht Ali Chatha and the subsequent allegations of election fraud have raised serious concerns about the integrity of our electoral system. The Election Commission’s decision to launch an inquiry and form a high-level committee is a step in the right direction. It is essential for the investigation to be conducted diligently, and for those responsible to be held accountable. Only through transparency and accountability can we restore faith in the democratic process and ensure free and fair elections for all citizens.


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