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What is reselling guest posting: All you need to know

What is reselling guest posting?

What is reselling?

When you take the guest posting course. So you have a hasty feeling that this is a very easy task, so we will earn money overnight and become rich, but the reality is completely opposite.

When you take the course, you will find a lot of people whose IDs you will find this post written on.

Alhamdulillah I have completed so many orders.

You then reach their inbox. And keep asking how you completed the order also let us know. At first, he will not contact you, if he does, he will just say that he has got a client from WhatsApp or Facebook. After that you will say to him, I also want the list and you will take that list and go after people. I have these sites.

If you find someone who gives you an order and you try to complete it. You are in a hurry for money, so you do his work without taking advance money from him, later he blocks you and cries after paying the words of the up scheme.

Method of reselling.

1- First of all you are a new comer so see the market for a few days to see how things are going and make friends with people. Build your trust in the market Connect with people.

2- Only take sites from people you trust who you know won’t run away with the money.

3- Buy your own Arthur account but only when you become known in the market and people start to know you. Only then can your orders be completed.

What to do to avoid the scam?

1- When someone closes your order, check their Facebook ID. If he has already posted order completion on his ID, you will know by reading his comments. Is this guy right or wrong?

2- Do not work with the person whose ID is in the name of Gore.

3- Don’t give advance money to anyone unless you are sure about it.

Disadvantages of reselling

When you’re reselling all day long, moving sites around. So you are stuck on mobile all day. It also spoils your mental social and family life.

You cannot create your own list. And get stuck in reselling.

If you are earning well from reselling, you can’t progress to guest posting.

And finally, whatever you do, do it thoughtfully. Greed is a bad call. This call will eat you.


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