Man City vs Copenhagen

Man City vs Copenhagen The Danish national league, Danske Eredivisie, or “The Red and Blue” as it is known, has one of the biggest fan bases in Europe. Many fans can relate to their club for a plethora reasons. For those who like football, there are so many places that you can look up in the world. They have such an open mindset, which helps when playing against any team around them. When they are on a high level of performance and always looking for ways to improve on their game so that it becomes more difficult each season. That’s certainly what we saw in this match last night and I thought that was exactly how Dane would want his players to play every year against Manchester City. But when they face off with two very good teams in their own stadium, anything could happen. Here’s why Denmark won 2–1!

Dane will take some time to get used to their opposition. The atmosphere in the stadium is very different from Manchester City like stadiums, but he’ll probably adapt quickly enough. As for their style of play, Manchester are quite consistent, whereas the Danes tend to be more relaxed towards the end of matches and that’s something that will suit both sides. It doesn’t happen all the way through in terms of how Dane plays, just in comparison with the hosts, but the fact that your opponent is a really strong country compared to Germany. At times, there’s not much that is different to see between both managers. This might mean that even though the ball might be moved across the field, this doesn’t affect it at all. Both teams have created goals so far, so that could be another factor to consider. As for how we approach our chances, we can definitely expect some advantages as well. In both cases, we tend to have a tendency when approaching these games: We try to make sure we’re fully exposed to their best player, if possible. And lastly, we try to be patient and wait until the right moment to attack them in a decisive manner. However, this doesn’t mean that we should always use extreme attacking moves. Even though we do see a bigger chance, it’s still going to be a tough decision whether or not we’ll make that final attempt. But regardless of that, it seems like Dane will go for this.

However, I think that last point is likely to be especially hard to take when it comes to the second half of the game. After a little while of intense action, you see the goal, it’s clear to everyone that Pep Guardiola is the team leader of Man City. There’s no doubt about that. Although, in the first-half, he’s not been able to gain any advantage on his side. He’s played the same with his men from the beginning till now and has made a great deal more passes than the rest of us. So with that said, it remains to be seen how this match goes, but we definitely don’t know what’s about to come out of the gates. One thing that is certain is that it won’t be easy for either manager to win over their home crowd and then take it to the other’s side — especially after a long time together. If the scoreline isn’t this close, it will just prove that both teams have had some nice moments so far. A lot of things could change in front of the referee and that’s just the way it is. Either Dane could go for the winning goal, which will surely bring some relief for the rest of the fans. Or the hosts could play very well too and decide to go for the draw and claim yet another defeat…

In the eyes of my mind today, after the performance and overall result of Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, the game went very well. Yes, many aspects of it were slightly unfavorable. Not only does Bayern need two points on the weekend — I can completely understand that. Being the underdogs here, our opponents didn’t really show themselves to everyone. They have been rather inconsistent in recent years, but that’s not necessarily bad since everyone knows that a team like this will never lose. To sum up, it wasn’t a particularly big surprise. Maybe it’s just because it’s a bit closer; although, we mustn’t forget that we weren’t even involved in those three games. My hope for tomorrow is that we get to enjoy some kind of fresh air and that the intensity stays low. With that being said, let me remind everyone again that we’re still at war with each other, we have to stay alert and ready to defend. Of course, with everything happening within the game, so can we expect anything different from our visitors. We mustn’t take their lead for granted and keep taking steps forward and getting into dangerous situations. Also, we have to remain careful and give them credit where credit is due. Overall, we have to be aware that once they play a certain way, they will play that way.


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