6 Features Every Top Project Management Tool Should Have?

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Running meetings, planning and scheduling, managing resources and budgets, and reviewing reports are just a few of the many duties that successful project managers must perform. The task might be extremely onerous on a busy day. 

Managers require top project management tools to handle a huge team of specialists and automate time-consuming duties.

What is Project Management?

The process of project management entails defining goals, planning how to reach those goals, estimating the resources and time needed, and directing the team as they work to achieve the goals.

Every company must use it to maintain the viability of its plans.

Careful planning, ongoing monitoring, and profound insights are necessary for project management. As a result, managing the enormous number of tasks and resources involved requires good project management software.

Here at eduhubspot is a list of six essential qualities your next project management software must have to aid you in making the best decision.

1.Management of Tasks

Any professional workplace must have task management capabilities. Over time, project and task management tools and collaboration software have supplanted the use of manual writing pads in our daily work.

A typical or even complex project is made up of numerous tasks and subtasks, each of which may be dependent on several other tasks.

If the tasks are interdependent, the project manager must effectively manage them, or else they could be jeopardized.

2. Time Tracking

The time tracking tool is crucial for efficient project management, just as task management. Particularly when the group is working on initiatives with limited resources and time,

As a result, the project manager can verify that the volume of work produced is in line with the quality of work completed.

As an alternative, efficient time management enables you to arrange your activity so that it can be completed with less effort while maximizing the available time.

3. Management of Resources

Every project manager desires to assess each member of their team. You can avoid resource overload, employee burnout, unwelcome stress, and anxiety by managing the team members effectively.

Make sure you have a thorough task breakdown structure that your team can relate to. Assign tasks with clear definitions for their essential elements.

4. User Role Management

Critical business and project plans, including the introduction of new products, financial information, consumer data, etc., may be carried out by a project.

Additionally, not all users on a project must have access to this data.

Restricting unwanted access to sensitive project information is made easier by user role management and access control.

5. Kanban Board

One of the most popular agile project management techniques is kanban. Almost any team and any goal can use it. As your team works toward common goals, it aids you in controlling the task flow.

The workflow is made transparent and visible by using this method for project management.

6. Third-Party Integration

Every company must rapidly recognize market demands.

To manage your business workflow, you can add to or view using a third-party tool thanks to the integration’s ecosystem. A similar tool for your system may take your company months or even years to develop.

Professionally created tools have previously gone through this stage of improvement.

Other features also include:

Planning and scheduling

 Project Management Tool

It is crucial to clearly define and make evident everyone’s jobs and responsibilities when leading a team. assisting in the avoidance of misconceptions and identifying the people to whom new responsibilities should be assigned.

The top online project management tools allow you to assign tasks to team members and establish priorities and deadlines. When due dates are added to tasks, an automatic reminder is sent each time the activity’s scheduled completion date approaches and it is still unfinished.


A large project team may consist of tens or even hundreds of people, each of whom has a particular area of expertise and performs certain tasks.

It is frequently necessary for project team members to access one another’s work to supplement their own. Consequently, it is crucial to establish effective communication through a variety of channels.

File sharing

Top project management tools offer contact lists, calendars, and file-sharing capabilities. Information can be entered into the system by any team member, and it will be readily available to others whenever and wherever they need it.

Some PM programs allow you to quickly share files by adding them to projects. To submit your files and data, make sure the project management software you select offers free storage.

Team dashboards

Select a software program that enables the creation of team dashboards that are accessible to all users, if at all possible. Key performance indicators (KPIs) and visual metrics can be added to your dashboard.

The ideal tool to use during meetings to present your tracked metrics to everyone and contrast actual real-time results to the planned schedule is a team dashboard, which can also serve as a project KPI report.

Making more informed decisions is made possible by quickly assessing the KPIs to see if the team is accomplishing its objectives. For everyone to share their thoughts on how to enhance project performance, you can also distribute the graphs to the team members.

Access your data easily

The data can be simply shared with your team and accessed with just a few clicks if it has been compiled into a thorough PM tool. You don’t have to switch between different spreadsheets to find data.

Inquire about the types of information that can be stored and managed by each company before choosing the best project management software. Not all project management (PM) tools provide CRM or invoicing automation.

The thorough reporting you’ll receive is an additional advantage that is underappreciated in centralizing your information.


Your organization’s performance depends heavily on project management. Therefore, it is wise to spend a lot of time choosing the best project management software for you. Each tool does have advantages and disadvantages. Make sure, though, that the one you select at least meets all of the aforementioned requirements. To learn the techniques of risk management you can attend the PMI RMP bootcamp.

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