WaterMinder: a fun companion for your water balance

Having a phone in your pocket or a watch on your wrist far outweighs the possibility of contacting someone or knowing what time it is. Two decades into the 21st century, the prefix smart manifests itself in the consumption and lifestyles of millions of people across the globe, keeping them connected to a massive virtual network, without which everyday life is no longer practically imaginable.

Sensors and Artificial Intelligence establish a new era, not so many years ago considered futuristic, but nowadays seen as normalized and facilitator of the busy daily routines. Going to the bank or the mall, paying for groceries, or attending a concert on the other side of the ocean, have become instantaneous practices, as immediate as our ability to type a few words into an app’s search field.

However, if critical voices conjecture about the harm of hunched backs and dependence on mobile devices, one thing is certain: we live in a new paradigm in which these devices are here to stay.

Therefore, it is up to each user of these devices the responsibility to seek balance, in order to mitigate the consequences of this lifestyle, with regard to health and social interaction.

But this is also a century teeming with creativity. At the same time, a world that, paradoxically, the more information it produces and releases, the greater its Manichaeism in so many matters.

And why not, in this reality of two opposing principles, highlight the benefits of these devices? Why not conjecture that these so-called devices, not replacing, of course, a doctor, could be beneficial for our health?

In this sense, let’s say, optimistically, thousands of creatives embark daily in a search for the best ways to enhance the sensors and Artificial Intelligence of these devices, which results in the production of software oriented towards a healthier life.

Maintain water balance

James L. Lewis III , medical specialist in this field of knowledge, wrote in the MSD Manual (health and family version) indicating that “ water represents between half and two thirds of the average weight of a person ” and that “ the water ingested must be in balance with the water that is lost. In order to maintain fluid balance and to protect against dehydration, kidney stones and other medical problems, healthy adults should drink at least approximately two liters of fluid a day. 🇧🇷

You don’t forget to go to the bathroom, when you lose water, but to drink the water you need to compensate, maybe you don’t give that much importance anymore. The award-winning WaterMinder comes precisely to help you maintain this balance.

Your personal “water assistant”

As Artificial Intelligence is still not that brilliant, WaterMinder sets out, from the first moment you activate it, to build a fine-tuned framework for your daily habits. Being tuned, the app doesn’t fool you: it tells you that it will only get it after 21 days. And then, yes, it can help you create a healthy routine that is uniquely adapted to you.

Tracking your progress by creating goals to achieve, this app is designed so that you don’t feel pressured to drink when you don’t feel like it, but rather to make you feel motivated to fulfill your goals, which are no more than the amount of liquid you need to live well.

Whether it’s water, tea or a smoothie, everything counts for you to gain the perception that you’re on the right track. As the days go by, you can consult your previous consumption, obtaining valuable data to maintain what you are doing, or to adopt new strategies that best suit your lifestyle.

Recording your consumption can seem like a drag. In many cases it is truly discouraging. The dimensions of the containers and the drinks we consume are never found. But WaterMinder thought of that, allowing you to define the exact amount of liquid that the glasses you have at home or at work can hold.

On the other hand, if you are an avid coffee consumer like me, WaterMinder also allows you to record the daily amount of coffee you inject into your body. It counts as a hydration element, but it offers you the advantage of knowing that, at a certain time of the day, you may already have enough caffeine.

Intuitive, detailed and motivating

WaterMinder interfaces very easily with the Health app and runs across literally all your Apple devices.

As for installations, if you are a woman, there is the possibility of defining that you are pregnant or breastfeeding, conditions that naturally require other hydration needs.

By recording your weight, the intensity of your lifestyle (from sedentary to very active) and the type of climate in the area you live in, WaterMinder defines your daily goal, which in my case, for example, was established in 1922 ml. Very close to what the specialist I mentioned above recommends.

Fun watching over you

Bored to realize that I have to drink almost two liters of water a day?

Maybe not. If you look at the bar below, you have the Handbook , which offers you a set of challenges and presents your achievements. Challenges like going a single day without a substance. Coffee, caffeine, sugar or alcohol, you can do without all or one of them for a day.

All these substances, and many others, are part of drinks that contain water. In addition to knowing better what you consume, overcoming some of these challenges may, who knows, contribute to the creation of new, healthier habits, which will allow you to live better and for longer.

WaterMinder – Always with you, every day

That’s it. Having a phone or a watch on your wrist also means having a set of reminders to keep your body hydrated. A fun and motivating way to overcome challenges and achieve new achievements in your daily life. Life is not a game, but why not take care of our health, playing?

Healt mind healt body. Without any doubt! Forgive the pun, but I would say more: hydrated body, regenerated brain. And never before has it been so fundamental to have our brains healthy to deal with the complexities of everyday life, so characteristic of this meandering 21st century.

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