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Want to know how to choose a domain for your website? Here are 10 tips to make the right choice

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If in the past the online world was restricted to large businesses with high investment capacity, nowadays every company can produce content for the internet and position itself in this great showcase.

While, on the one hand, the internet has opened the doors for everyone who wants to undertake, on the other hand, it has increased competition and competition. Therefore, every detail is relevant and makes a difference to your business.

One of those fundamental details is your website domain. Making the right choice with creative domain names is essential for the development of your business website, and can define whether your company will prosper or fail.

Thinking about the importance of this decision, in this article we bring 10 tips on how to choose a perfect domain for your website. Want to know more? See the information we have separated for you:

What is website domain?

The website domain is nothing more than the electronic address of your page. It’s your company’s name in the digital world and it’s where people will access your products and content.

So it is very important to know how to choose a domain for your website. Thus, you can ensure that it is easily found by your customers and partners.

For this, the domain must be easy to type and understand and, of course, must be related to your company and product.

In addition to direct access, the domain can also contribute to the positioning of your site in search engines. This is one of the main tools to attract new customers on the internet.

10 tips for choosing your website domain

Now that you have a clear understanding of what a domain is and its importance for business, we are going to show you 10 tips on how to choose the perfect domain.

1. The domain must be easy to type and understand

Your website domain is practically your business name in the digital world. With such importance, it is essential that the public understands and knows how to easily type the domain.

Coming up with creative domain names, avoiding numbers and complex words are good tips to start making your domain perfect.

2. Size is very important

Good domains are short and to the point, without much rambling. Thus, the user finds it easier to type, with less risk of typing errors , facilitating memorization and dissemination.

3. Think about mobile devices

More than half of the hits to your site come from mobile phones. So it is essential to choose a domain that is easy to type on the cell phone.

4. Use only words

It’s best to avoid dashes and other special characters, keeping the focus on the letters. Numbers are also avoidable unless they are paramount to the company name. Want to know how to choose a perfect domain? Use words!

5. SEO Strategy and Keywords

It is possible and highly recommended to use the SEO strategy in the elaboration of the domain. This can be done through keywords that make sense on your site.

An important tip is to look for keyword trends in domains. When used well, they can give your website much more visibility.

6. Bet on your brand image

What does your brand offer users? What image does she convey? If the answers to these questions are positive, invest in your brand image on the domain.

7. Choose the right extension

Extension is that final part of the site, like .com, .gov and many others out there. The com extension is the most popular among websites and conveys greater confidence to users.

8. Beware of digital trends, they can be a bore

Many SEO trends have emerged over time, but not all of them are good. A great example is hyphens in domains. They were a trend years ago, nowadays they can be avoided.

9. Bet on multiple domains

Many companies have several similar domains, so when the user misses a letter, for example, he ends up on the site he wants the same way. This is a beautiful strategy that guarantees more hits, oddly enough.

10. Check domain availability

Last but not least, we have domain availability. You may have thought of some ideal names, with everything needed to come up with creative domain names, but when you go to see them, they are already registered.

Well, to avoid that, it’s good to go researching the domains as you think. Also, it’s good that you can come up with several different names. One of them will work for sure!

Choosing the right domain is the first step to your business success!

Domains are the online address of a business, so they must be easy for the user to write, locate and remember. This way it is possible to ensure that the public arrives at the company’s website.

For this, it is necessary to always keep in mind to be creative but simple, concise and assertive when choosing the website domain.

Knowing how to choose a domain for your website is not a complex science, but it can be an art to do it correctly. Strategically chosen domains greatly benefit a company’s organic positioning.

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