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Why do you Require a Property lawyer to Transfer Ownership?

Property lawyer to Transfer Ownership?

Most people, whoever have bought or sold a property, definitely know the importance of property lawyers throughout the legal process.

Transfer ownership is a critical process, whether buying or selling a property because there is so much legal jargon that can be confusing and stressful to understand. So property lawyers remove the complexities related to the process of transferring the ownership of property and help you to be stress-free.

In case you are also one of the people who has unfortunately bought a property stacked with risks. Then you will surely know that it’s essential to seek professionals rather than get into trouble later. Also, if you are about to buy or sell any property in the future, it’s better to seek property lawyers in the legal process.

But before getting into why you require a property lawyer in transfer ownership, let’s answer some of your basic questions.

  • Firstly, what do property lawyers do?
  • Secondly, what is ownership transfer?
  • Thirdly, what are the types of property transfers?
  • And finally, Why do you Need a Property Lawyer to Transfer Ownership?

What do property lawyers do?

Property lawyers also referred to as conveyancers, help you with legal advice in matters of property. They assist you in the due investigation, negotiations, deed transfers, legal actions, foreclosure, zoning regulations, and property disputes. They also deal with property agents or any other party to make a legal agreement between buyer and seller.

What is ownership transfer?

Transferring property or ownership is also referred to as conveyancing. In conveyancing, the legal title of one’s possession legally transfers to the other person through the contract. The property lawyer takes the wishes of the seller and buyer and drafts them into a legal document.

What are the types of property transfers?

There are many ways to transfer a property to another person. So it is essential to understand how you can transfer your possession. All types of property transfers are taxable. So, make sure you comply with all the tax regulations to avoid a further unpleasant surprise. And also, to ensure the ownership transfer properly, better to take legal advice from property lawyers. They can help:

1.   Transfer property by selling

It is the most popular way of transferring property. If you hold ownership of any property and want to sell it, you can sell it outright for consideration to someone else.

2.  Transfer property by gifting

Sometimes regardless of selling your property, you prefer to gift it to your family members. In such property transfers, the owner conveyances his property title to the concerned person without full consideration of return.

3.  Transfer property by release

Sometimes you have a property with multiple owners. And want to give up your rights and transfer your ownership to your co-owner. The experienced property lawyer can help transfer your property by release or relinquishment.

4.  Transfer property by will

It generally takes place between family members. If the owner dies, the property transfers to the beneficiary in the will.

Why Do You Need a Property Lawyer to Transfer Ownership?


In case you are about to take possession of the property or take legal action over some property or looking for a settlement over any property dispute, do hire a property lawyer. A property lawyer ensures that both parties respect property contracts. It also provides you with legal advice to tackle difficult owners.

Consider the guidance of property lawyers in legal property matters because it is confusing to understand the legal jargon of laws in the contract. Moreover, property lawyers know the ins and outs of property laws and help you to understand the terms and conditions of legal agreements.

Property lawyers determine

  • Type of documents required
  • Needed Signs in the contract
  • holding of the title of ownership
  • Interests transferring in property ownership

How do property lawyers help you in transferring property?

A property lawyer drafts a legal document and records the deed. After that, the property lawyer discovers the best way to sign the contract, hold new titles, and ensure the recording deed.

●    Deed Documentation

A deed is a legal document that transfers the property from one owner to another person.

This legal document identifies the

  1. Details of buyer and seller
  2. The legal description of the property
  3. Purchase price
  4. Signed by the concerned person

●    Type of deeds for transfer ownership

There are two types of deeds to transfer ownership.

1)    Warranty deeds

It is the most common type of transferring property. In a warranty deed, ownership transfers in explicit promises that the seller is holding the good title of the property.

2)    Quitclaim deeds

This deed transfers the ownership of interest that the seller has in the property.

However, in quitclaim deeds, the seller makes no promise and gives no guarantee about the good holding of the title of the property.

●    Holding the title of ownership

After drafting a deed of conveyance, the property lawyer ensures the holding of the title of the ownership. If two or more individuals are buying any property, the property lawyer determines how owners should hold the title of a property. Besides, the title of ownership plays a vital role when one of the co-owners dies.

1.    Joint Tenancy

In joint ownership, the right of the property is automatically transferred to the surviving owner when one of the owners dies. However, the property still transfers to the surviving co-owner. Even if the deceased owner attempts to conveyance the title of ownership to someone else.

2.    Common Tenancy

There is no right of the co-owner of the property to hold the title of ownership. When one of the owners dies, the property transfers to a beneficiary person in the will.

●    Recording of deed

It is the most vital step in transferring the property. The owner is not protected until the deed is recorded in the public records of the property. The property lawyer ensures the registration of legal documents of your property in the government’s offices of land record.

The name of offices varies from state to state where ownership is registered. It is commonly known as registrar of titles, land registry office, or register of deeds. Deed recording includes mortgage and legal documents of the country where the property exists. Moreover, it is essential to record deeds to avoid further difficulties related to property in the future.

Final words

Property transfer is one of the most critical financial conveyances you will ever do. The whole process of transferring property is full of legal jargon. So, it is crucial that whatever decisions you are making are accurate. Also, it does not affect you and your heirs in the future.

But this whole process is complicated because there are several laws related to the property to be followed. So, it is advisable to look for property lawyers in such sensitive matters. These experts are well-versed in property transfer laws and ensure that the contract between the two parties is respected and accurate.

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