6 Tipped to Get a Battery List Boost for Your Samsung Galaxy Watch

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Are you a user of the Samsung Galaxy watch? Want to know how to boost its battery life? Then you are at the right platform; here present our online  assignment help in oman experts would help you to know how to get a battery life boost for your Samsung galaxy watch. So, read the blog and apply these tips to your watch and get the best result.

Nowadays, most people prefer to rely on digital watches in order to keep them updated with time. Samsung galaxy watch is one of the most widely used digital watches in the market. Its different models come with different features that draw the attention of more users, such as – health monitoring, achieving wellness goals, GPS route tracking, and many more.

In order to satisfy the customers, Samsung emphasizes special emphasis on its design. It provides a classic premium design, a rotating bezel, and many more. But most customers complain that due to a plethora of features, the battery life of Samsung galaxy watches drains very fast. It has become a cause of concern among users.

Below, we have listed 6 tips to get a battery life boost to your Samsung galaxy watch, so read the blog carefully and get benefited from it.


  • Watch the Space

Generally, Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 possesses a 300mAh or 425mAh battery power and it completely depends on the size of the watch. So, we all expect to have a better battery size i.e. extra capacity with a few extra hardware, software tweaks, etc in order to improve the battery life.

In this regard, Samsung assures its customers have a battery life of up to 40 hours for its 40mm and 44mm Galaxy Watch 5 models. So, we can assume that we are able to use our watch a day and a half from the time of full charging.


But according to customers, who are using Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 informed that somehow have managed to get this smartwatch that can run a day even if you include a workout session too. But if your expectation is more than that, then you must be more careful while using the wearable.


In the case of Galaxy Watch Pro 5, its battery life works better than that of its cheaper model. It possesses a 590mAh battery power that is undoubtedly good for a smartwatch. But, if you want to get better results, then you need to wait and check if Samsung manages to improve it or not.


  • Analysis of a Battery Life Problem to Wearables


In the era of smartphones, laptops, tabs, and other electronic gadgets, longer battery life is always desirable. These electronic gadgets are designed in such a way that it is worn all the time. It is not built to keep it in the charging port.

The main works of these watches are to check your footsteps, your heartbeats, the quantity and quality of time you are sleeping, and your well-being. But when you are not using that watch, then it does not accumulate that information as a result, there remains a gap in data and it makes the smartwatch less useful.

But these smartwatches are designed in such a way that they are very small and light in nature. No one likes a buy-a-chunky smartwatch that would create pressure on the wrist. Now manufacturers are in a no-win situation.

In this regard, to avoid such situations, the best approach is to prefer such smartwatches that use Garmin Instinct 2. The key benefits of it include a monochromatic display in which charging can last for a month and most importantly its solar-powered option gives you not have to set your watch in charge and if you are in the sun, then it would start charging automatically.

  • Tips to Improve the Battery Life of Your Samsung Galaxy Smartwatches

Nowadays smartwatches are designed to perform multi-functions. As a result, their work is not only limited to showing time, but it has a plethora of responsibilities too. There are certain apps that drain the battery of smartwatches.

Below, we have listed some of the tips to save your battery life for a longer period. These include –


  • Turn off the Display of Your Galaxy Watch When You are Not Using It

If you are not using your smartwatch, then keep your smartwatch in sleep mode. The screen of the smartwatch would turn itself off after a certain period when you are not using it, but if you keep it in sleep mode, then you can save more battery of it. Different types of smartwatches have a different pattern to keep them in sleeping mode. So, check it and apply it.

  • Activate Your Smartwatch’s Power Saving Mode

Nowadays almost all electrical devices have the power saving mode. It is applicable to your Galaxy smartwatches too. You can keep your smartwatch in power-saving mode and it would save the battery power slightly by reducing its performance. If you are out of your home and can’t keep your smartwatch in charging mode, then it is the best way to use your smartwatch for a longer period of time.

Several Ways to Save More Power of Your Samsung Galaxy Smartwatches

  • Always keep the display turned off
  • Keep the Wi-Fi mode turn off
  • Lessen the brightness
  • Curve the limit of the background network usage
  • Always keep the screen timeout to 10-15 seconds
  • Keep the wake-up gestures in turn-off mode
  • No need to update software regularly
  • Close All Unnecessary Apps

You can save more battery by uninstalling all the unnecessary apps. If you don’t know how to close unnecessary apps then follow our steps mentioned below.

Go into the app section and tap into recent apps in order to view the apps that you have opened recently. Next, drag a recent app window up or you can select the Close all option that would appear by sliding all the way to the left.

  • Deactivate the Bluetooth and Wi-Fi Features When You are Not Using It

Bluetooth and Wi-Fi features drain a large part of your smartwatch’s battery. So, if you are not wearing it, don’t forget to keep those features in deactivate mode.

Conclusion: I hope the above-mentioned tips would help you to keep the battery of your Samsung Galaxy watch charged for a longer time. According to our Expert Programming Assignment Help, it depends upon the users how they would keep their smartwatches and save their battery life.

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