How to Choose the Right Cloud Phone Service for Your Hotel

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Cloud phone services have become increasingly popular in the last few years due to their functionality and robust communication features. In the hospitality industry for example, cloud-based phone services are a crucial part of efficient hotel system integration. As more small businesses, including those in hospitality and other industries upgrade to cloud-based PBX phone services, it’s essential to know what these services really entail and how they can change the way your business operates. Cloud-based PBX is a valuable part of modern hotel system integration, as well as system integrations in other businesses.

Before now, businesses typically communicated through telephones connected by buried copper wires on the premises. However, cloud computing has made it possible for calls to be made via an internet connection. But besides just making high-definition voice calls, cloud phone services offer several other features to streamline communications for various kinds of businesses.

If you’re considering switching to a cloud phone service for your hotel or hospitality business, or you’re upgrading your current telephony situation in some other way, you need to understand what cloud phone systems are, and how they can help your small business.

What is Cloud PBX?

A cloud PBX system for small business is an enterprise-level system of communication that is hosted on the cloud, which allows employees to communicate within or outside business locations via the internet. This communication platform manages public switched telephone network (PSTN) connectivity in the cloud rather than on the premises. Hotels and other businesses can use cloud PBX systems to facilitate and manage calls between employees and also facilitate customer support efforts.

Businesses use PBX systems to manage communication, and these systems were initially required to be installed on business premises. This meant bulky hardware that needed to be set up and maintained at high costs. However, this system lacked so many essential functionalities and did not offer enough communication options for employees that had to be managed off premises occasionally.

VoIP PBX systems were later introduced as a solution to traditional PBX systems. These digital on-premise systems facilitated calling over the internet, thus eliminating the need for telephone cables, greatly reducing costs of installation and management, and even the cost of making calls.

Cloud-based PBX differs from the original digital PBX systems in that they are not hosted on the premises, but in a storage space over the internet. With a cloud phone system in place, employees both on and off premises can communicate via smartphones, computers, dedicated VoIP phones, or traditional phones with VoIP adapters. These systems are heavily adopted in hospitality to build robust hotel operation systems.

A cloud phone service for hospitality businesses differs from traditional cell service in that it offers more functionalities tailored tothe unique needs of hotel business. This includes voice and video conferencing, customer waiting queues, auto attendant, voicemail-to-email, call forwarding, and many other features. With a good cloud phone service, you can even automatically set calls to reroute during off-hours.

Benefits of Cloud-Based Phone Services for Hospitality Businesses

  • Cost-effective communication solution
  • Supports integration with other business software
  • Supports mobile devices and other internet-enabled devices
  • No bulky hardware required on-premise
  • Seamless routing to remote or in-office employees
  • Easier to manage
  • Provides a seamless communication channel for remote and in-house teams
  • Quick set-up
  • Video and audio conferencing solution
  • Provides advanced call features like call waiting, hold music, and call routing
  • No dedicated IT support needed for maintenance
  • Integrable with modern hotel operation systems
  • High-definition audio and video
  • New lines can be added seamlessly

How to Choose a Cloud Phone Service Provider for Hospitality Businesses

If you have decided that a cloud-based PBX system is what your hotel or other hospitality business needs, it’s crucial to thoroughly research the top vendors in the industry. You must look for a cloud phone service that streamlines communications among your staff and improves your customer support efforts.

If you’re looking to installing a cloud PBX in your hotel, look through the offerings and packages of the different providers to see which aligns most closely with your business’s unique needs. Read online reviews and reach out to other business owners in the hospitality industry that use PBX providers for recommendations. It’s essential to use a provider who offers a solution that is fitting for your operation and can easily integrate into your existing business software systems, including your hotel PMS.


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