Amazing Health Benefits of Jamun (Java Plum)

Jamun is a fruit that is famous for diabetic patients. It is a fruit that comes from the East Indies region and grows well in the tropics. Jamun is also known as the Java plum. It is dark purple with small fruits like grapes. Jamun is rich in many nutritional values that provide various benefits to the body.

Jamun contains carbohydrates, dietary fibre, fats, proteins, vitamins like vitamin B1, B2, B3, B6, vitamin C, etc., along with minerals like calcium, iron, potassium, sodium, phosphorus, etc, and also water in it. If you have 100 grams of Jamun, means you are having 251 kg of energy, 14 grams of carbohydrates, 0.6 grams of dietary fibre, 0.23 grams of fat, 0.995 grams of protein, 0.019 mg of vitamin B1 or thiamine, 0.009 mg of vitamin B2 or Riboflavin, 0.245 mg of B3, 0.038 mg of Vitamin B6, 11.85 mg of vitamin C, 11.65 mg of calcium, 1.41 mg of Iron, 35 mg of Magnesium, 15.6 mg of Phosphorus, 55 mg of Potassium, 26.2 mg of sodium and water.

Jamun juice is quite famous to take advantage of it. It can use as pure Jamun juice and with other ingredients. It is highly used in the preparation of sugar control juice. If you buy sugar control juice online for diabetes, make sure to check Jamun ingredients as primary or secondary ingredients.

Health Benefits of Jamun

Some of the best nutritional and medicinal health benefits of Jamun are here:-

  • For Diabetes: As said above, Jamun is good for diabetic patients. Jamun contains Jambosin compounds, alkaloids and also Jambolin glycosides that work to break down the sugar into energy and control high blood sugar levels in the body naturally. Regular use of Jamun stabilises the blood sugar level as well as prevents diabetes. People who are suffering from type 1 or type 2 diabetes. should add Jamun to their diet. Low symptoms of blood sugar can also be manage by the Jamun and may prevent you from having serious problems in the body. A high blood sugar level in the body causes serious problems like heart failure, nerve problems, eye problems and many more.
  • For Heart Health: There are many amazing health benefits linked with the use of Jamun. It is also beneficial for heart health. Jamun contains potassium at high levels that contribute to better heart health. In addition, it is also good for normalising high blood pressure and reducing the chances of heart strokes. People can have a better lifestyle with the use of jamun on daily use.
  • For Constipation: Yes, Jamun is also great to overcome the constipation problem. It is rich in fibre that increases metabolism, reduces constipation and helps the overall colon system. As per the study, it is stated that Jamun has Grahi (absorbent) property which is ideal for a better digestive system and helps to reduce the serious constipation problem in men and women.
  • For Skin Health: Jamun is rich in vitamin C which induces antioxidants in the body and supports smooth and glowing skin. The antioxidant articles help in the formation of collagen in the skin. Collagen is a protein that is essential for better skin health. You can boost the collagen to have wonderful skin. In addition, antioxidants are also able to reduce free radicals and oxidative stress. Hence, you can reduce skin problems as well as ageing signs.
  • For Bone & Dental Health: A fresh Jamun full of nutrients helps to maintain healthy bones and teeth in the body. As it is rich in calcium, magnesium, phosphorus and iron, which help in bone density, prevent cavities and more. An arthritis patient should add Jamun fruits or juice to their diet. For women, it is highly recommended to have Jamun fruits to avoid the risk of brittle bone disease.
  • For Immune System: Yes, Jamun is also able to boost immunity in the body. The rich source of vitamins and many nutrients increase the immune system and protect the body from external attack. The antioxidant particles also create a protective layer on the body. Regular use of Jamun is ideal to enhance the immune system.
  • For RBC Count: A lack of RBC (Red Blood Cells) in the body causes anaemia, weak immune system, emotional disturbance, lack of focus and many more. Jamun is a fruit that helps to boost the formation of red blood cells in the body thanks to its iron content. Jamun is a fruit that contains a moderate level of iron. 
  • To Increase Appetite: Consuming a fresh Jamun improves the digestive system and increases appetite in the body. Indigestion in the body causes constipation, abdominal pain and other illnesses. You can improve your digestive system as well as appetite with it.


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