Child Seats in a Car Are the Safety Net of Your Kids

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Since kids use these seats, the parent must give extra attention to cleaning the seats. The parent should use non-toxic, paraben-free leather cleaner for car seats. Any strong chemical can trigger a reaction in the child. Therefore it is essential to choose the cleaner consciously.

Toddlers and babies may get sick in the car. In any mishap, sanitation gets compromised, and it is essential to clean it thoroughly. Using the best car cleaning products will make the car child-proof, protecting him from disease-bearing bacteria.

Child seats in a car are essential, considering in the event of an accident, the car may get side swept. Or worse, it may overturn. The children may get crushed under seats or the weight of adults in an overturned car. The car seat could be potentially life-saving. Car seats for children give them an extra wall of protection.

Life-Saving Child Seats in a Car

Human arms are not strong enough to save a child’s life in a car crash. In fact, during a car crash, it becomes more dangerous. Per physics laws, the body weight of a human being gets multiplied by the speed at which it travels.

If you do the maths, a car that travels at a modest average speed of 20 kmph with an adult of 60 kg is fatal. The adult becomes a whopping 1200 kg, a weight that is more than enough to crush a child. This is precisely why we need child seats in a car. It would save the child’s life, and the design is not dangerous.

Kids Stay in Their World in the Seats

Babies and toddlers are curious. They like to explore the world around them. Therefore, testing their boundaries can be a little tricky. The child seat ensures that the child stays in place and does not venture about in the car. 

The child seats in a car allow the kids to sit and blissfully enjoy their meal or the view as they travel. The parents can monitor the kid at that stationery place as well. It keeps them safe and sound. Yes, it is true that initially, the kid will find the seat annoying. However, the more the parent eases him into it, the more the child will accept it.

Where Should the Children Sit?

If you have a child below four or five years of age, they must not sit at the front. It is much safer to make them sit at the back while on the road. The child seats in a car can quickly go in the back seats. Your child will have a lot of room all for himself. 

Take extra precautions if someone is already sitting at the front in a crowded car. Make your child sits on a booster seat with a secure seatbelt. Do not make the child sit on your lap. It is still unsafe even if you wear a seatbelt.

Different Types of Seats

There are various options for the seats for kids. Each type is for kids of multiple ages. They each serve a purpose. The features in each of them make sure that your child is safe no matter what.

  • Rear-facing Car Seat

One of the child seats in a car, the rear-facing car seat, is perfect for infants. The seat ensures your baby’s safety at least two years of age. 

  • Forward-Facing Car Seat

A parent knows that kids grow up fast. When your kids get a little older, till age five, they grow in height. Therefore, they would need a change in the car seat. You can get a bigger size for them. They can start sitting on the car’s seat if they are tall enough to use the regular seat belt.

This seat is for children who weigh between 10-36 kg. Kids who outgrow the rear-facing height must use the forward-facing with a harness. They can use a booster seat with a seat belt meant for adults. Some cars have integrated child seats in a car. A few of these seats convert into belt-positioning booster seats. The weight and heights vary in every car, so choose correctly. 

Protection from Airbag Injury

Make sure never to seat your kid near the airbag contraptions. Follow the rules mentioned below to avoid an accident:

  • Do not place rear-facing child seats in a car in the front where the passenger bag is.
  • Place the child at the back.
  • If you have no choice but to place the child at the front of the car, push the passenger seat to the back.
  • To reiterate, kids under 13 ride the car in the back seat, buckled.

 Accidents do not come with any forewarning. At Carorbis, get your child’s safety seat so you can be sure of their safety. Your child deserves a car seat with good fabric that absorbs moisture. The child seats in a car must be easy to clean and occasionally washable. Drive without worrying about your child’s safety while on the road.

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