The Power of Branding in Fashion: How to Create a Strong Brand Identity

Strong Brand Identity

In a world where looks and visuals matter a lot, it’s not a coincidence brand identity is vital in the fashion industry. Your target audience will get to know your brand through its visible and not-so-visible elements. Your impression on your consumers will define how they perceive your brand and your products. Due to that, having a strong brand identity is essential in a highly competitive industry such as fashion. But how do you build a brand identity?

The truth is, for each brand, the process is different. However, certain aspects of the path are similar. Therefore, determining the message and values you want to convey will help you through challenges. Here are 7 tips that will help you successfully build a strong brand.

1. Research your target audience

One of the crucial aspects and foundation of every brand is knowing who you’re selling to. Who is your target audience, and how can you reach them? A big part of who you’re selling to depends on what you’re selling. Since different streams in fashion exist, do your research before determining the demographics. How will that help you?

Knowing who you’re selling to will help you create an adequate branding and marketing strategy. You can use a different strategy for those over-50s and teens. Determining a strategy for your target group will help you see what your competition is missing and use that against them!

2. Have a strong visual identity

Visual identity consists of all the elements your consumers can see. This includes your brand’s name, logo, colours, packaging, etc. Considering that all of those must be the best representation of your brand possible. After all, first impressions are usually formed visually. So, how can you build a strong visual identity?

Besides having a catchy name for your brand, you must carefully select colours and fonts for your logo. Having a well-designed logo will follow you throughout your entire branding process. To create a strong visual identity, implementing these elements in other aspects of your business, such as a website, packaging, etc., will help you form a stronger bond between your brand and the audience.

3. Learn how to place on the market

Marketing placement is crucial if you want your brand to be successful. Even though the fashion industry is crowded and highly competitive, there is undoubtedly a place for you to sell your products. To place your brand on the market, you need to highlight your brand’s distinctive features. How do you do that?

Each business has some features that distinguish them from the others. Detect those and use them in the marketing strategy. On top of that, you need to develop a pricing strategy suitable for your business. For instance, luxury items require higher prices.

4. Highlight your voice and values

You need to highlight your voice and values to attract customers and appeal to your target audience. What are your values? Determine what your brand stands for. Those values must match your business strategy and your message to your audience! Saying you’re eco-friendly while supporting a fast fashion business model will only turn your audience against you.

In addition to your values, you need to know how to present them to your customers. That’s why you should know what your brand’s voice is. Depending on your target audience, determine how they want to be spoken to. On top of that, determining your voice will shape your brand’s story and make it easier for you to convey messages and updates to your audience.

5. Build an online presence

You need a strong online presence for your brand to be identified as relevant and reliable. Would you purchase clothes from a sketchy ad without a website or social media? Most likely not; therefore, you must create a website and social media accounts to help your consumers reach you. What kind of online presence is needed for a fashion brand?

Besides a well-designed website that uses your brand’s colours, you must consider e-commerce platforms allowing you to sell your clothes. Like social media, you must choose a platform based on your target audience. Gen X and gen Z are known to use different social media apps and online platforms differently, so keep that in mind when creating a marketing strategy and accounts.

6. Have a unique value proposition

The Internet and the popularity of e-commerce platforms opened up the doors to brands worldwide, making the industry more crowded than ever! Due to such harsh rivalry, running a successful fashion brand is more challenging than ever. That’s why you must have a unique value proposition and attract customers based on originality. How can you create such a branding experience when almost everything already exists on the market?

Instead of supporting fast fashion and blindly following trends, you can create your own by including customers in the design process! Implement a design software for your website that will allow consumers to choose from various colours and patterns to create their custom clothing. Be one of the first brands to start this trend and make your customers happier than ever!

7. Know what to avoid

So far, we can conclude that originality is a big plus in the fashion industry. However, knowing which practices to avoid while creating your brand identity can help you prevent failure! Even though researching your competitors can help you gain insight into marketing trends, copying them is never a good option! Ensure to have your original voice, branding message, and value proposition.

When it comes to messages, be consistent! Use tools to optimise business management and know when it’s the right time to update your customers. Also, when conveying a message, ensure it’s not confusing. Mixed signals and messages can draw people away from your brand and give off the feeling of incompetency. Avoid making these mistakes, and your brand identity will become and remain strong.

Final thoughts

Building a brand identity for a fashion business is a challenging task. You need to consider all of these aspects and tips if you want to succeed. Follow your progress at all times, be ready to adapt to changes, and adjust your strategies if necessary. That’s how you’ll survive in the long run!


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