Tips for traveling as a family with your child

There are parents who avoid taking their child abroad on vacation, to avoid flying , but decide to take him on a trip to the country, In this way, the family vacation is much more attractive with their beloved child. A family vacation is a unique moment where parents can be with their child and live a memorable experience.

If you want to enjoy unforgettable days with the whole family, but you are afraid to travel by train or car with your child, read some tips in this article that will help you understand that this experience is not difficult and it can even be fun.

1. The train journey

For a child, train travel can be really fun. He can sleep at least part of the trip, which would be a big plus for the parents. Train travel is great for children who can’t stand the car seat and prefer to be held by their parents or sleep in their own pram. If you go for longer distances, you can also travel at night by train, in the sleeping car to take advantage of the hours of sleep.

Here are some tips for traveling by train :

  • You should buy tickets in advance, select the departure time according to the child’s needs
  • Choose a travel time when you can avoid the crowds
  • Pack your child’s luggage carefully so you don’t forget something important
  • Do not forget to take some games or a book for the child, so that he will not be bored and have some entertainment
  • It is very important to take water and food for the baby to feed him during the journey.

The first aid kit is a mandatory item in your travel luggage. This may include certain medications, pain relievers, cold or intestinal products, and dressing materials.

2. The journey in the car

Traveling with the child in the car is not difficult if you approach the problem wisely and of course you prepare properly in advance. In this case, there are no age restrictions for travel, but as parents you have to take into account the rhythm of the child’s life, his age.

In many situations, the child (especially if it is a baby) will sleep in the car and therefore will not cause problems, will not require much attention. Even if the baby will sometimes cry during the journey (probably because something will not like it or will not go according to its thoughts), you can calm it down. Toddlers are a bundle of emotions and sometimes they become sensitive and strive to get what they want at any given time. This can happen at any time, at home, on a walk, at daycare, and even on vacation. If it’s a longer trip, don’t expect the baby to sleep and be quiet all the time.

If it is a 1-2 year old child, then he needs space, attention, he will want to play and be noticed by his parents. And in this case, it is recommended that you take a short trip and have a high-quality and comfortable car seat.

In 2-4 year olds, who are more active, there may be more mishaps, because they are more restless and may get bored on the road.


Traveling by car offers a number of advantages, namely:

  • You can choose the route you want and you can plan shorter trips, not very long ones
  • You can make frequent stops to see interesting places; you could stop the car about every 2 hours minimum
  • You won’t have to worry about the little one disturbing other people, as can happen when traveling by train
  • You will be able to plan your stops and rest moments as you wish.

Traveling by car is most comfortable if you have a small child, who will sit in a special seat (adapted to his age and weight) and a car equipped with appropriate airbags. In this case, the risk of illness is reduced, because you have a great advantage – limiting contact with other people.

3. Other travel tips

Traveling with a child requires more preparation and efficient organization. Whether it’s a short weekend trip or a 1-2 week vacation, in both situations you need a well-crafted plan. That is essential. The better the preparations are made, the more pleasant the trip will be.

When planning a family trip, you have to think about all aspects. Therefore, it is good to prepare ahead of time, with everything you need, make hotel reservations and think about transport.

If the child is over 3 years old, you can do a little training before the trip. This involves organizing a trip to a nearby city with an overnight stay to get the little one used to such an experience and see how they tolerate an unfamiliar place – such as a hotel room. As a rule, children feel good when they are with their parents, because they take care of them and give them that sense of security.

If the child is older, you can talk with him and then decide where it is better to go and what to visit. Planning with your child also means discussing what you will do during the trip. Therefore, make a schedule for your vacation days and note down the sights to visit.

If you decide to go to the sea, there is no inconvenience in not taking your child with you, even if it is small. It is important that he is healthy, and for that you can visit the pediatrician and ask him for advice. You have to plan your trip in advance, organize and choose the right means of transport.

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