Why Am I Getting Rockspace Extender Setup Issues?

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Rockspace wireless range extender is one of the best networking devices available today. It helps fulfill the everyday internet needs of many people. If you have bought it and have performed its setup, then you must be accessing blazing-fast internet access from it. However, if you are not and are unable to set it up then read this article. This piece of write-up is meant to help you eliminate any hindrances in the process of rockspace extender setup and then perform the setup via re.rockspace.local or  task in a hassle-free manner.

How to Fix Rockspace Extender Setup Issues?

Here are some common reasons as well as their solutions to get rid of the issues:

1. Poor Power Supply

If the power supply to the extender is not stable and it is connected to a fluctuating power supply then it is expected that you will fail in completing the setup task for sure. We want you to check the power supply to the extender and get the necessary changes done as soon as possible.

2. Devices Not Connected Properly

Looks like the devices are not connected which is why you are facing Rocksapce extender setup issues.  By devices, we mean the Rockspace extender and the host router. In the event they are not physically connected then also you will face issues. It is thus suggested to put to use a good ethernet cable and connect them firmly. If they are connected wirelessly, then bring them clser to each other.

3. Wrong Placement of Extender

There is a possibility that you have placed the Rocksapce extender at the wrong place in the home. We suggest you place both the Rockspace wireless extender and the host router in the same room while you are setting up the extender. Once the setup is completed, you can relocate the extender to a new place in the home.

4. Unstable Internet Connection

Try contacting your ISP to verify if there are internet outages going on. A shaky internet connection is another reason why this is happening. Give him some time to resolve the issue before you try the setup process again.

5. Usage of the Wrong Login Details

Are you sure you are putting to use the correct web address to get through the setup process? Looks like you are lacking here. An incorrect web address will take you to some random web page and hence you can’t set up the extender. Double-check the web address or the default IP address after typing it in the address bar of the browser.

Apart from the web address, the login credentials if used incorrectly, you will fail in executing the setup task. The login credentials are case-sensitive. So be careful while typing them in their designated fields. There ought to be zero typing errors and the Caps Lock key should be disabled while   you are typing the credentials.


6. Using an Outdated Web Browser

If you still face the setup issues then update the browser that you are using to complete the setup process. Using an older version of the browser can also stop you from accessing the setup page and thus you can’t set up your extender. So, access the settings of the browser and get it updated right now.


This is all about how you can fix the Rockspace extender setup issues. We are sure once you are done executing the aforementioned hacks, you will no longer be troubled by the same setup issues. So get the setup done and begin accessing the seamless internet from your extender in all the parts of the home.



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