Best ways to grow your SME in Melbourne

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If you own or are considering starting a small or medium-sized business, you need to develop specific skills and implement a good management strategy. If you have limited starting funds, you must choose the least expensive but most effective solutions to boost your business’s development and market share quickly. Here are some tips for growing your small business.

Social networks

Social networks are the best ways to quickly gain notoriety in the markets, for a small business, especially in terms of marketing. Since most people are on social media, you can reach audiences through this digital tool and thus expand your market share.

Choose it according to the sector of activity of your company. Facebook remains number 1 for developing an SME, its audience is very varied and billions of people use it daily. YouTube and TikTok remain the dedicated networks for younger audiences, and Twitter and Instagram are the favorites of older, more established people. But these are all levers to be noticed to develop your business.

Google My Business

Google My Business is an excellent SEO Melbourne method for small businesses. It can thus increase your commercial visibility and the chance of your company being seen by potential customers on the market. Thanks to Google My Business, you can easily share your telephone contact, opening hours, geographical location, or countries that can take advantage of your offers.

If you rank well on Google My Business, your business will appear at the top of the page among Google results during a specific search. This free digital marketing tool also helps to get customer reviews and ratings on your services or products. These reviews are very important for the rest of your project because most customers base their decision on these recommendations (reviews and ratings).


Business networking dramatically contributes to the success of a business, especially for an SME. By doing this, you will significantly increase the visibility of your business. You can activate the development of your network by starting with the owners of similar SMEs in your area. There are several ways to develop this business network, such as joining groups of companies present on LinkedIn, networking applications, conferences of entrepreneurs on a major typical project, etc.


Advertising also remains a solution to develop the activity of your SME quickly. It makes it possible to effectively increase your market share, build your company’s training and reach several customers. Advertising does not necessarily mean allocating a large budget that could expose your company to significant economic risk. You can advertise cheaply using local radio stations, regional newspapers, etc.

A better strategy for successful advertising is to set up a date and budgeted overall plan because the results will only be visible after a particular time. So, you must show your great patience in choosing the implementation of this option.

Human resources

Business development also depends on the quality of its human resources. Know that investing in staff training is a sure strategy for rapid growth. Several companies set up a training plan for their employees, so they are entitled to quality training in parallel with their work to obtain relevant diplomas: CAP, license, master, etc. The permits and masters are intended for executives and the CAP or BEP to have qualified labor.

The different training courses at various production levels bring quality to work. This improves the status of each employee, regardless of their background or qualifications, the quality of the workforce, and internal management in general.

As a company manager, you are also obligated to follow a training course to improve your level and solidify your practice. A manager must have at least a bachelor’s degree to properly manage a company. Some trainers can offer you training in alternation with your job so that you can simultaneously have the required or targeted level (Bachelor’s or Master’s degree). This will give you solid knowledge in entrepreneurship, market research, workforce motivation (human resource management), your products or services, correcting cost/sales ratios managing your business, etc.

Previously, SMEs needed to have all these tools for their sales. Fortunately, with digital marketing and the development of several tools, it is easier to get noticed and carry out the excellent management of an entire business. There are several options for you to grow the professional reputation of your business and reach the target customer in the market. Any strategy chosen can be associated with loans from banks to support all the development projects of your SME’s sector of activity. These practical strategies can bring positive results for successful work and rapid economic growth.


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